Get as close to the sound of an acoustic piano as possible

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The touch sensitivity of Yamaha P45 digital piano is amazing, but is also completely adjustable. So, if you are only starting to learn how to play and getting used to the keyboard you can just deactivate the hammer action capability to focus only in playing the right notes.

You have at hand four different levels of hammer action. It’s cool for beginners and apprentices because they can learn without being too physically arduous. Increasing the weight of the keys as you go can give you a seamless transition into playing a real piano.

Good To Know

The sensitivity of the keys also controls the velocity, which controls two things; volume and timbre. Hitting the keys harder will play the note louder and give it a harsher attack. A softer strike will have the opposite effect as seen in this Yamaha digital piano P45 review .

With the sensitivity of the keys you can also control the velocity, which also controls both the volume and timbre. If you hit the keys harder, it will sound louder and give it a harsher attack. And if you hit key softly, you will have the opposite effect. No doubt you’ll get the perfect acoustic piano emulation with the Yamaha P45.

Touch Sensitivity Modes –

  • Soft – Velocity is affected by touch, but not too much.
  • Medium – Close to the feel of a piano, but with some scope.
  • Default- This is the closest mode to an actual piano that’s in decent condition.
  • Hard – Ideal mode for advanced players who want an extra challenge
  • Off – Neither volume or velocity are changed no matter how hard you strike the keys. It is preferable when you’re using the organ sound.

One of the things that’s lacking in this Yamaha P45 digital piano is the moisture-absorbing keytops, feature that you can find in the more expensive models of Yamaha.

Theses keytops have the same feel as actual pianos made from ebony and ivory. They provide a much better grip. If this is important to you, you may want to shop some more.

You’ll have the same feeling of ivory and ebony you have in actual pianos. The grip is way better. If this is important for you, you’ll love this.

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