Welcome a New Life with the Best Gifts for a Newborn

Finding the perfect and most thoughtful gifts for a newborn is no doubt the best way to welcome a baby to the world. After all, only a few things can beat the excitement and anticipation of having a new baby in the family. 

And while nothing beats the gift of your presence and being there at that special moment, getting the right gift is also an unforgettable way of welcoming the little one not only to the family but also to the world as a whole. 

But with all the thousands of gifts for newborn babies out there, how will …

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The difference between ball screw and ball screw spline

When starting a new DIY project, it is important to remember all the little gadgets and tools you’ll need to execute it as desired. 

It sure can be complicated, if you’re working on something completely new. The last thing you’d want is to realise that you’re missing something as small and important as a ball screw. 

A Ball Screw is a linear actuator that mechanically translates rotational motion to linear and causes very little friction. They come with a threaded shaft that provides a spiral road for ball bearings very precisely. Ball screws are able to bear very heavy loads …

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Dos and Don’ts for Beginners in Beekeeping

On average, it is said that every person consumes around 1.3 pounds of honey on a yearly basis. If you have plans to get started with beekeeping and you wish to harvest delicious raw honey right in the comforts of your own backyard, you might be surprised to know that it is actually so much easier than what you think. 

Aside from having some of the basic equipment and tools for keeping bees, you only need two important things and these are none other than dedication and knowledge. 

Below are a few dos and don’ts you need to remember before …

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All about Uncapping Trays

When you speak of uncapping, this refers to the process of getting rid of the thin beeswax that covers off the honey frames for the honey to be exposed. Only once you expose the honey will you be able to extract it. Uncapping equipment and tools range from automatic uncappers, handheld uncapping knife or comb, and uncapping trays. 

During uncapping, your goal is to cause minimal damage to all the frames as much as possible since it is possible to reuse the drawn comb so that your bees can get a head start when it comes to filling up the …

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