Oxalic Acid Gas Vaporizer Shopping Guide

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The best oxalic acid gas vaporizer can help you get rid of all unwanted tenants in your beehive once and for all to ensure that your precious honeybee colony doesn’t crumble and fall apart. To make things even better, these vaporizers can also ward off a hazardous apiary fire, making it an indispensable tool for any beekeeper. 

But mind you, not all oxalic acid vaporizers are made equal. There are a few things you have to know and remember to help you find the ideal one for your hive. 

The following should be your top considerations when shopping for an oxalic acid vaporizer:

Safety and Comfort 

As far as features for safety and comfort are concerned, there are a few specifics you need to check and look for:

Crocodile Clips

The crocodile clips are often made of copper since the material is known to be a great conductor of electricity. Having said that, see to it that the crocodile clips have the correct insulation. The last thing you want is to end up vaporizing not the oxalic acid but yourself. 

Oxalic acid gas vaporizer is specifically designed
Oxalic acid gas vaporizer is specifically designed to provide a unique benefit: it can be used on all types of bee hives.

Entrance Guards

It’s critical to seal up a hive to ensure that all the vapor will remain within the beehive instead of getting blown away. No form of treatment will work well if you fail to seal off the beehive properly.

The crystals melt and then sublime into tinier crystals that disperse inside the hive that covers the bees and the interior of the hive. All the rest of the openings and entrances, including the smallest cracks, should be taped shut or closed off so that the fumes will not escape, resulting in reduced efficiency of the treatment.

This is a cool feature that allows you to control the distance that you want the oxalic acid gas vaporizer to go into the hive. This can also be tightened to prevent it from moving around.  

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The vaporizer’s handle is yet another part that should be comfortable and must have proper insulation at the same time. The most popular choice of material for the handle is wood since it is not a heat conductor.

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