How about some canyoning, Bovec is the perfect spot

The Soča river valley, especially its upper part, is very popular with all types of tourists and they are doing many different things and arriving to Trenta – this is the name of the upper Soča river valley – with cars, caravans, motorcycles and even bicycles. Imagine how good it would feel to stretch your legs after many hours of driving on a motorcycle in a safe but exciting activity. There is this thing called canyoning Bovec is the main location in Trenta that will enable you this. Altitude Activities is one of the providers of adrenaline activities in the region.

Try Altitude Activities to do some canyoning Bovec could be one of the best locations which you will ever visit

Now, canyoning is becoming increasingly popular and there are definitely many other locations where you can experience something similar. But you need to keep in mind that Slovenia is a small country and that you will get bang for your buck in a very small place. This will also mean that everything is very close; You can swim in the sea and ski in the Alps, and it is only a 2-hour drive in between! Canyoning Bovec has a lot to offer, and Altitude Activities prepared the best offer to enjoy canyoning Bovec. You will be able to slide through narrow walls and tunnels with exceptional views and scenes, you will experience spectacular jumps up to 20 meters and dropping over waterfalls. It will be canyoning Bovec at its best. And while you are at it and not thinking only about canyoning Bovec, and mentioned company will also provide you with everything you need and take care of your safety during the activity, with the equipment used and with their guides who are top-notch in the business and worthy of your trust.

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