Indulge in Flowers and Beer in Laško, Slovenia

No matter where you go in Slovenia and the whole Southeast European region, Laško is a name that is synonymous with the green bottles and cans of the locally-made Zlatorog brand pilsner.

The truth is that Laško and beer are almost the same in Slovenia. This in itself is definitely not a small achievement considering the small size of this medieval town with a population of 3,600 residents. But Laško, Slovenia has more things in store than its globally acclaimed brewing tradition. …

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Unique things to do in Jaipur

“Padharo sa Mhare Desh” – Welcome to my Land (in Rajasthani)

If you want to experience Rajasthani culture at its best, look no further than the capital city itself, that is Jaipur. Whether you are a cultural enthusiast or a history buff, the vibrant city has everything and more than what you’re looking for. This travel guide talks about all the unique places to visit if you’re a traveling enthusiast and like to explore the tiny gems of a city.…

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Explore Slovenia from air, experience skydiving in Slovenia

Is sky really the limit? Or is it just a beginning to something more, something magical, spectacular, and unforgettable? Try it for yourself; try skydiving in Slovenia, with a little help from Altitude activities. Come to Altitude activities or check and we will find the best possible skydiving in Slovenia experience for you. We will take you as high as we can, and in the meantime, you can enjoy fantastic scenery of our small treasure named Slovenia. Panoramic flight takes you high above Bled, Bovec, Bohinj, or other breath-taking places that are suitable for skydiving in Slovenia.…

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How about some canyoning, Bovec is the perfect spot

The Soča river valley, especially its upper part, is very popular with all types of tourists and they are doing many different things and arriving to Trenta – this is the name of the upper Soča river valley – with cars, caravans, motorcycles and even bicycles. Imagine how good it would feel to stretch your legs after many hours of driving on a motorcycle in a safe but exciting activity. There is this thing called canyoning Bovec is the main location in Trenta that will enable you this. Altitude Activities is one of the providers of adrenaline activities in the

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Should you attempt climbing mount Triglav alone or hire a guide?

Julian Alps is the southwest region of the Alps which spread across central Europe. It is characteristic that they have relatively high and sharp peaks. This means reaching the tops sometimes present a reasonable challenge to achieve. There are many different routes for climbing mount Triglav. The ones from the north are demanding and advised with a guide, the southern ones could be described more as Triglav hiking trails. Altitude Activities offer several options to suit your desires and physical capabilities for climbing mount Triglav, be it a single-day expedition or a two-day trip to the highest peak of Slovenia.

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