Types of Phone Cases

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Phones are very delicate devices to carry around, they are easily droppable and are not like laptops which you can conveniently put in a bag. Since we are living in the mobile era, phones are used to store crucial data or perform important tasks. For this reason, protecting your phone from physical damages in very vital, and below are some of the best phone cases you can use to do that.

Best phone case

Ballistic Hardcore tactical

This is one of the best and toughest phone cases out there. The case also has impressive amazon reviews from happy customers. It is super sturdy, with 12 feet of drop protection, comes with a limited lifetime warranty, protection against debris, dirt, and water, and finally, it is manufactured using an aircraft grade aluminum.

Phone cases

Otterbox Defender Series

This case has a strong fan base because it has been around for a long time, since 1998. Otterbox is widely loved by construction workers because of its sturdy material.

Phone cases

Some of its best features include drop protection, belt holster, very durable and protection from dust, scratch in addition to screen protection. The case comes with a one year warranty too and it fits all phones comfortably as well as fine compatibility with wireless charging.

Trianium Clarium Series Case

If you are looking for a combination of beautiful and indomitable shock protection, then Trianium case is your product. The case has clear looks that will accentuate all the beautiful features of your phone. The cover is made of a combination between a rigid plastic backplate shell and shock-absorbing TPU.

Titanium is only 0.6 ounces, making it very light which eliminates the needless bulk to the phone. Trianium is perfect for Google Pixel 2 XL.

Spigen Tough Armor Case

Gotten a new iPhone that you want to treat like a baby? Cover it with Spigen Tough Armor case. The military grade case has a dual layer of protection with a polycarbonate back and a TPU body. In between these two layers is the air cushion tech for additional protection. The cases have cutouts for USB port and speakers as well as responsive buttons.

DUX DUCIS Layered Folio Case

This case is perfect for wallet-style phones such as LG G7. The case offers easy functionality as well as extreme safety without any unnecessary bulkiness. Additionally, there is a magnetic clasp that provides a snap when you close the cover. The case also has cutouts for all control functions and speakers.

Zizo Bolt Case

This case was built with durable, and rigid PC design with elastic rubbery TPU layer. The military grade drop protection is up to 12 feet. Zizo Bolt Case is very suitable for adventures such as hike trails. They also come in a variety of color combinations, and very affordable price.

Maxboost Wallet Case

It is suitable for Pixel 2 phones. Maxboost is created with a durable, high-quality PU leather, which also offers plenty of room for you to store cash and cards. The case provides maximum protection for your phone, front back as well as corners.

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