When to Use Car Snow Chains

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Losing traction in snow isn’t a good time. Even in some places not known for abysmal snowstorms, winter may create hazardous and icy road conditions that drivers should deal with effectively. Adding car snow chains can be a great solution to get you where you have to go when roads aren’t vehicle-friendly and can be a pain to drivers.

Knowing when to use snow chains for your cars will help you get out of the slippery situation, yet you should know what you are doing first.

Various laws regulate chain usage in several states. Before investing in such chains, see to it that you know whether chains are permitted, illegal or required in several cases. Generally, chain requirement means you should have them in your car if you like to pass particular checkpoints, which pop up in inclement weather. The places where chains are permitted come with disclaimer that restricts their usage. Thus, ensure that you know the law and you’re following it.

Car snow chains

Some essential factor to consider is whether your car is suitable for snow chains. You may find chains for majority of tire sizes, yet there should be enough clearance for them to fit on without leaving any damage to the body, brakes or undercarriage. Consult the user’s manual for allowances and specifications.

Right Conditions to Use Car Snow Chains

Snow chains must only be used if there’s a layer of ice or snow on the road. With the use of snow chains on bare pavement may cause damage to both the road and your tires itself. Once you turn onto the road that has been salted and plowed, remove your snow chains.

It pays to be extra careful when driving in a freezing condition, yet snow chains need a new level of care and attention. When you are using chains, you should not drive above thirty miles per hour and you need to be mindful of the curbs when parking. On 2-wheel drive vehicles, chains should be attached to the wheels on the drive axle, yet you will often get them on all 4. Once installed only on the front, there would be a tendency to understeer and oversteer if they are in the back. 4-wheel drive vehicles must have chains installed on every tire.

Even if they can be a bit cumbersome, car snow chains can make a different in winter weather to get somewhere without the permission of the Mother Nature, yet if they are being used effectively and safely. Or else, you will just be spinning your wheels.

Selecting the Right Car Snow Chains

Snow chains must not be fitted if there isn’t enough clearance between the tire and wheel arch. If your tires are equipped with some electronic sensors, snow chains that are poorly fitted may interfere with them. Where chains cannot be fitted, it can be worth considering second set of wheels that could accommodate them. If you’re not sure about the snow chains to use, you can always ask for professional assistance.

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