Why Invest in a Rare Old Map of America 1562?

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Maps are assets that transcend time. These works show you the world not as you see it right now but from the perspective of early civilisations. A rare old map of America 1562 is like getting a slice of time that remains frozen on paper forever. 

Enveloped in intrigue and mystery, old American maps have a palpable history. To make things even better, they don’t just bear a historical significance because old maps also serve as striking and unique art features. 

But what gives value to a map? Why should you invest in one in the first place?

Reasons to Invest in Old Maps 

The market for antique or old maps is still in its early days. It saw a rise in popularity during the start of the 2000s as online auction sites were introduced. However, compared to similar markets that are already well-established such as stamps, it’s quite rare to meet a map collector. This explains why there are less information, fewer buying guides, and few sellers. 

It has been revealed that for the past three decades, the rarest and most in-demand maps were able to provide 5% to 15% annually. It’s also no surprise that maps are completely uncorrelated to real estate, crypto, and stocks.

Old maps
Investing in old maps can be a fascinating way to connect with history, as they often reveal the changing geopolitical landscape and exploration routes of earlier centuries. Furthermore, old maps can appreciate in value over time, making them both a valuable collectible and a potentially profitable investment.

The newfound enthusiasm and interest in maps like a rare old map of America 1562 is mostly the result of digital mapping. The international digital map market has a value of several billion dollars, which is mostly because of the so-called three Gs: Garmin, Google, and the Government. 

However, the truth is that digital maps are somewhat boring and devoid of mystique, allure, and soul. Yes, they do serve a purpose but they have very little to no artistic value at all. As a result, collectors started to pine for the touch of old, traditional, and real maps. 

A rare old map of America or any other old map for that matter is like a treasure trove of history and the past. They bring ancient cultures and lands to life, giving collectors a chance to travel back in time to a world that they won’t see ever again no matter how hard they try. 

What Makes a Rare Old Map of America 1562 Valuable?

Many things make old maps valuable. First off is the cartographer. Cartographers are like artists, designers, and explorers all wrapped into one. Works from popular cartographers will likely be more in demand than maps from less known ones. 

Just like other antiques, an older map will become rarer and more valuable. A map from 1562 evokes a sense of nostalgia that you can never get from other works. 

In 1562, maps of America were filled with depictions of mermaids, giants, and dragons

Scarcity is also king in the world of maps just like other collectibles. Maps carefully drawn by hand are almost always rarer compared to prints. It’s every collector’s dream to find a map they’ve never seen in the past. 

When it comes to maps that are already over a thousand years old, it’s almost impossible to get something that is still in mint condition, especially in terms of paper. Despite being well-protected, a map can still suffer from the blows of general wear and tear and oxidisation. 

Before you buy any rare old map of America 1562, watch out for issues such as ceasing, holes from parasites, water stains, foxing, and browning of the paper. 

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