Find the Best Slovenia Real Estate Near These Portorož and Piran Attractions

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Portorož and Piran are two of the hotspots among locals and foreigners who are looking for Slovenia real estate. Of course, no one can blame them. 

About Piran and Portorož

Piran is also a charismatic town on the Adriatic coast of Slovenia. Piran is a historic site that always attracts visitors with its old, narrow, and winding cobblestone streets and its well-preserved medieval houses. 

With its literal meaning “port of roses,” Portorož is the opposite of Piran. This bustling upmarket coastal resort is known for its spas, luxurious hotels, and vibrant nightlife. 

Portorož properties
Portorož is located on the northern shore of Piran Bay in the municipality of Piran and is a renowned Slovenian tourist, bathing, and spa center with many accommodation facilities in hotels and guesthouses.

As one of the country’s most visited resort towns, Portorož is only 150 kilometers from the capital. Most tourists consider the town a comfortable and convenient location ideal for recovery and recreation, thanks to its proximity to the Adriatic Sea’s Gulf of Piran. 

The thermo-mineral water springs coming from the grounds combined with the moderate climate of the Mediterranean also create the ideal conditions that help treat diseases and other conditions related to different systems of the human body. It explains why large crowds flock to the area to relax and heal themselves. 

Despite being two different worlds, these towns are unique and fascinating in their rights. If you need further convincing to find real estate properties in these areas, here are some attractions you’ll see and enjoy once you move there.

Benecanka Casa Veneziana Pirano

Benecanka Casa Veneziana Pirano is a house near Tartini Square that will surely catch your eye without trying. It is a charming Venetian house with a red façade and Gothic windows. The romantic history of this house never fails to fascinate visitors who drop by to see it up close and personal. 

Cerkev Marije Snezne

The small church of Cerkev Marije Snezne is Italian-inspired and boasts a simple but elaborate interior. Many appreciate that only a handful of seats exist in this church. The peace makes it a serene haven where tourists love to stop by. 

Church of St. George

The Church of St. George, located on a hilltop, is the best place to be if you’re looking for one of Piran’s best viewpoints. The church’s bell tower has a wooden spiral stairwell with more than 140 steps that will lead you to the top. 

Slovenia real estate on the coast
Church of St. George is the parish church of Piran parish. The church complex on the hilltop of the peninsula, above Tartini Square, consists of a church, a free-standing bell tower (campanile), and a baptistery. If you decide to buy Slovenia real estate in Piran, you can admire it and enjoy the other remarkable features of this beautiful seaside town.

Once you reach the peak, you will be welcomed by the scenic view of the town with its central plaza, the iconic orange rooftops, and the coastal settlements nearby.

Church of St. Francis 

Church of St. Francis is a monastery that underwent restoration and is one of the town’s most visited attractions. The church has an ornate interior and is a lovely attraction to visit. Its location is not too far from the main square.

First of May Square

First of May is a quaint small square that you’ll see right in the center of the town of Piran with restaurants, apartments, and in-demand Slovenia real estate property selections. You’ll find yourself wandering in sheer delight as you take in the beauty of the historic facades and walk through its alleyways. It’s where locals and tourists enjoy a lively nightlife filled with wine and music. 

Slovenian real estate for sale
Statue of Law and Justice on First of May Square in Piran and surrounding Slovenian real estate that you might be interested in buying.

Fonda Fish Farm

Fonda Fish Farm is family-owned and is located in Piran Bay. This is known to breed the best-farmed fish in the whole world. Aside from getting a taste of freshly caught fish, you can also learn more about fish farming or even rent a kayak if you’re up to the adventure. 

Grand Casino Portorož

Grand Casino Portorož is a casino that is already over a century old and also happens to be the biggest and most important in the town. Have fun playing in one of Europe’s oldest casino destinations. 

Magical World of Shells Museum

The Magical World of Shells Museum is Slovenia’s only Museum of Shells where you can find and browse through over 4,000 specimens of rare and unusual mollusks. Here, you will find the world’s giant clams, sea stars, sea urchins, crabs, and pearls. 

The museum also serves as the home to the shell of the world’s giant snail. The museum is an advocate of environmental awareness. It also teaches visitors about conservation and its importance. To this day, the museum collection continues to expand and grow. 


Parenzana is a path filled with history since this is located on the route of the earlier narrow gauge train route of Trieste-Porec. The place offers scenic views over Izola and Piran. The cycling path also connects many coastal towns and cities and is perfect for cycling, walking, and running. 

Piran Town Walls

Piran, Slovenia: Adriatic Resort

You don’t have to spend a fortune to see and witness the unspoiled beauty of Piran. Piran Town Walls is a medieval wall surrounding the town that gives you a viewpoint of the compact town below and the Adriatic Sea. Don’t miss the chance to roam around various parts of the wall and capture the spectacular sight before you. 

Port Piran

Port of Piran is a pleasant resting spot where you can relax after looking around for Slovenia real estate properties and seeing the fishing boats there. You’ll also find majestic architecture, restaurants, and shops that dot the length of the harbor. If you’re up to it, you can even go for a swim and enjoy soaking in the warm water of the Adriatic. 

Tartini Square

Tartini Square and surrounding Slovenia real esate
On the 200th anniversary of the birth of the violinist and composer Tartini in 1892, the citizens of Piran build him a monument. In 1896 a bronze statue of the master of supernatural size was placed on a high plinth.

Tartini Square is Piran’s main center. The square has several colorful historic houses, restaurants, cafes, and sitting spots where you can listen to street musicians playing harmonious music. This place is perfect for relaxing and watching as the world surrounds you. 

Town Hall

Town Hall is a 13th-century Romantic-gothic style constructed by Venetians who settled in Piran. This is among the town’s most visited landmarks, and visitors and people shopping around for Slovenia real estate properties can’t resist taking photos of this historical building.

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