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Greece remains an exotic and mysterious locale in Europe despite modern accounts of its failing economy. Thanks to its historical and mythical significance, Greece remains an appealing destination for many and the prospect of retiring there may seem like a dream for many. Well, for those with enough money and the will to make it come true, Greece allows for the purchase of real estate. Greece is more within arms- reach than most people think.

So why purchase real estate in Greece (https://www.bluehomes.com/Immobilien-Griechenland-kaufen+verkaufen/kat.html)? As mentioned, despite its current economic difficulties, Greece remains a great tourist destination, thanks to its historical sites, mythical air and beautiful natural landscapes. As a tourist destination, it would be a wise investment to purchase property there which can later be leased out to tourists. Plus, due to their ailing economy, housing prices have dipped except for new and refurbished properties in beachfronts and scenic areas. It’s a good time to purchase a retirement or vacation home for those who can afford it.

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For those who regularly visit Italy, instead of renting, it would be a better idea to own a piece of real estate in Italy.

For now, Greece actually encourages the purchase or real estate. Greece gives out golden visas for property buyers that can invest over 250,000 euros which has plenty of benefits such as a non-expiring residency permit, the right to rent out the property bought, citizenship after 7 years or residence which is applicable to families with children below 21 years old. This program is intended to revitalize the economy by encouraging foreigners to invest.

Notwithstanding the golden visa, Greek properties are now generally more affordable for those enamored not just by the sights but by Greek culture, enough to purchase real estate. Greece properties in rural areas cost around 700 euros or less per square meter. This also depends on the size and state of the property. Beachfront houses near or around tourist destinations are around the same price as urban areas. If you look hard enough, you can grab a beautiful 500 square meter property in Central Macedonia for just over 200,000 euros.

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