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Retiring to a peaceful and quiet life is what leads many people to buy a farmhouse in the countryside. To be closer to nature and to become self-sustaining. Stressed-out people also often mention of going to the countryside to pursue farming instead. Farmhouses are often situated in lands far away from urban and even suburban communities. The closest they are from each other is where the boundaries of their surrounding farmlands meet. Everything is generally peaceful and quiet.

Aside from retirement, reasons to buy a farmhouse ( include the buyer’s own intent to pursue agriculture. To live quietly in the farmhouse and pursue farming as a hobby, or to recycle and renovate the entire farmland with the same or different crops or livestock. Farmlands and the included farmhouses are also purchased for real-estate development to expand or build new suburbs.

But younger people are also interested to buy a farmhouse just to escape the stress-filled city but continue their professional work mostly undisturbed. For such buyers, a farmhouse is also a wise investment because of larger living spaces compared to cramped apartments in the city. What is required however is the additional fortitude to put up with the conditions of country living. Concerns such as heating, water, electricity and communication. The cost of renovations is mostly tolerable and offset by the affordable cost of land per acre and the structures on them.

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For as low as 100,000 US dollars, a person can purchase a farmhouse on several acres of land. The number of acres for such an amount would depend on the location as well as the condition of the farmhouse and everything else included. Many farmhouses are large structures with over 1,000 square feet of living space. More than enough to house an average family. A million-dollar investment can net a good-sized farmhouse in over 100 acres of land. For those interested in the quiet country life, looking to buy a farmhouse, there are plenty of farmhouses available for sale in the US and many other countries as well as realtors that can assist in the venture.

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