5 Best Mobile Phone Cases for iPhone 11 Pro Max

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The craze of the latest mobile is all-embracing. The same is true for the mobile phone cases. Mobile phones today come with gorgeous designs and their appealing appearance as well as the dire need of protection requires everyone to buy a case that goes best with their phone in both aspects. Apple has recently launched its iconic iPhone 11 Pro Max with unmatchable grace and stunning shape. Various mobile phone case makers have come up with astonishing mobile phone covers to complement the class and design of this latest launch. We have tested many of them to suggest some for your expensive gadget.

1. TORRAS Crystal Clear iPhone 11 Pro Case

TORRAS Crystal Clear case is one of the chunkiest, more overtly rugged cases available around, but it can play elegant when it wants too. The refined and subtle design with a transparent black panel to showcase the gorgeous design of your phone is the one feature among many others that make this case stand out.

iPhone 11 Pro Max case is highly protective
iPhone 11 Pro Case

There are cut-outs for access to all ports. It is slim so it doesn’t spoil the sleek outlook of your iPhone 11 Pro Max. To give it serious resistance to drops and bumps, the corners of this mobile phone case are reinforced with bumpers and air cushions

2. i-Blason Cosmo Series Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max 

If you desire for style and protection simultaneously, this is the best bet. This mobile phone case comes with a built-in and touch-sensitive screen protector to prevent scratches and cracks. Its exquisite design Comprises geometrical shapes with marble imprinting inside.

iPhone 11 Pro Max i-Blason (Ares, Cosmo, Halo) Case Review

Adorable and slim design variations allow to mix and match with your attire and accessories. Raised camera slot and screen bezel provide added protection with precise cut-outs for all features and buttons.

3. OtterBox Defender Series Screenless Edition Case

This multi-layer protective mobile phone cover may not be the best design choice but it provides ultimate protection with its four-layer covering for your expensive gadget. There is a slot cover that protects different slots against dust. Solid inner protection to assure the safety and a soft outer cover that absorbs drops and bumps are the real guards of your iPhone. All these protections make your mobile safe and prove it to be the best protective mobile phone case ever.

4. JAHOLAN iPhone 11 Pro Case

This elegant mobile phone case is particularly designed for ladies with style. The case is made from glossy flexible thermoplastic with a beautiful printed image inside the layer of the case that makes the design durable. There are multiple variations of designs available in the model. The case has air-cushioned corners to survive drops and bumps at its best. This case supports wireless charging and has cut-outs for easy access to all slots.

5. ESR Air Armor Designed for iPhone 11 Pro Case

This is an enormous cut-edge design that is not common with transparent mobile phone cases. This military-grade iPhone 11 Pro Max case is highly protective in addition to being great in appearance. It is designed with shock-absorbing air-guard corners to protect your expensive mobile front drops and other impacts. The only reason to place it last is that it doesn’t include a screen protector. 

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