Do These Things In Croatia – Country Of 1000 Islands

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Croatia hosts a lot, which you, as a daredevil, need to see. The country’s culture has remained intact for centuries — the capital city of Zagreb homes, museums, food places, and shopping malls, etc.

Along the coast, thousands of ancient villages and towns present natural beauty and history. On the coast, you can go for scuba diving, windsurfing, and water skiing. Visiting these coastal areas and spending some time with the sea which surrounds Croatia will complete your tour. If you haven’t enough time, you can do a common visit of land and sea by boat in the Adriatic Sea. Stop by attractive places, visit them, and get into your boat for another destination.

Here are a few to do things in Croatia.

Dubrovnik, Old Town:

The Old Town area in Croatia hosts the Dubrovnik – a city which is a UNESCO site. This place is visited by millions of tourists who dare to step into Croatia because it is captivating. A defense wall covers the city. You should visit this city by walking this defense wall of 2 kilometers. Behold the fortresses, towers, and canons when you see the city from above. 

Plitvice Lakes National Park:

The park consists of almost 16 lakes, and their thundering waterfalls are worth seeing. The natural beauty, forestry hillside, lakes, wildlife, and waterfalls have made it rank among one of the top Croatian tourist attractions. The national park hosts wild beauty like wolves, bears, owls, and eagles. Rent a car from any airport you land on and drive yourself towards this park. 

Zagreb’s Gornji Grad:

The Croatian capital, Zagreb, hosts the most beautiful tourist attraction – the medieval Gornji Grad. The area has many destinations which should be visited by tourists like you. The famous tower of Lotrscak is also here. Other sites of area include the cathedral, which hosts the largest religious artifacts, the Croatian Parliament, and the church of St. Mark. The Museum of Broken Relationships is also here. It is impossible to get on and off from buses. Rent a car from Croatian rental car services and visit Zagreb peacefully.

Zlatni Rat Beach:

The beach is known as Golden Horn, which runs 500 meters into sea perpendicular from the coast. The beach hosts a small forest of pine trees. The sea remains warm half the year, and thus, this beach is listed among top of Europe’s beaches. You can enjoy yourself with several water games. 


The least visited and most beautiful city— Rijeka is worth visiting. The city has long port and innumerable places and scenes to see. The magnificent Trsat Castle in the city was built in the 13th century. So, rent a car from the airport and visit the city by driving yourself at your ease. 

Croatia has much more to offer. The destinations mentioned above are a few, and you can explore more once you manage to engage a car from – car rental services in Croatia. Trust me, your experience with these people will be great. The services are extraordinary and available at lower rates. There are many facilities offers its customers without any hidden charges. 

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