Portable generator has a limited capacity

Size and weight

Portable generator Predator 2000 weights 48lbs and is not bigger than a normal gas can. Also, its portable design makes it easy to move around when you go out on a trip adventure. To make my outdoor environment more pleasant, it has an extra RV ready parallel kit. It allows me to connect the generator with my RV in a blink of an eye.

Inverter generator

Another handy feature this model has is an inverter generator as shown in this Predator generators review . What is it and what’s the deal with it? Inverter generators have the advantage of converting AC volts to DC before inverting them back to AC. This way, the generator ensures a steady and stable energy current passing through your devices, lowering down the risk or a short circuit.


  • Light weight, easily portable. It includes a handler for an easier mobility.
  • Durable body.
  • Easy to use. You will soon take control of it.
  • Cheap maintenance.
  • You can double output by using a parallel connection with another of the generator.


  • Slow startup
  • Small fuel tank.
  • Low energy supply. Not adequate for powering big appliances.

Predator 2000 Generator: 2000-Watt Portable Generator

The first Predator Generator model I want to talk bout is Predator 2000. Starting up at a 2000-w speed and running at 1600-w, this model shows a consistent and economic power with a light but durable structure.

The handy mobility of the 2000 model makes it ideal for a weekend outdoors, camping in the woods, or as a backup power supply for your small appliances.

It has a 79.7cc air-cooled, OHV gas engine. It supplies enough energy to cover the daily demand of a casual user or some home appliances in the case of an occasional outage. Its engine is amazingly quiet and its fuel consumption system so efficient, that you will be sure that you’re not annoying your neighbors, and at the same time will be nice to your budget.

Equipped with two 120V AC and one 12V DC outlets, this guy can handle a wide spectrum of energy options. Amazingly, it runs up to 6.5 hours uninterrupted using its 50% capacity. So you can make it run as much as you need to get enough energy.

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