KOOLX-ECO360® HVAC Energy Saving Filter Inroom Air Disinfection

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Greenotel has unveiled a game-changing new addition to its guestroom energy saving ecology programme, KOOLX-ECO360® the newly innovated energy  saver  filters for is a low-cost  natural  energy  efficiency  retrofit  product that  is developed  &  produced  by  refined special  rear  earth  minerals. This natural product will help hoteliers to reduce carbon foot print, power consumption and improving indoor air quality to deliver a true Safe & luxury guest experience during this pandemic global outbreak.

The Greenotel Signature range KOOLX-ECO360® ecology energy saving filter, which debuted worldwide early this year, is crafted to seamlessly inhabit any sophisticated hotel. Continuing Greenotel’s pioneering green sustainability efforts, the Signature range KOOLX-ECO360® ecology energy saving filter helps hoteliers to drastically reduce their power consumption on HVAC by 10% to 30% kWh and improving  indoor air quality that eliminates the odors, smoke, air-borne pathogens, bacteria, virus, mold & fungal from recycling and floating within the air-conditioning environment space.


Koolx-eco360® offers genuine value for use in both new and refurbishment buildings.

What makes Koolx-eco360® special?

The Signature range KOOLX-ECO360® combines Greenotel over its past years of experience in delivering energy saving solutions with the mission to provide sustainable & Safe guest experience. It represents the latest ecology step on a sustainability journey which began back during the start of pandemic in 2020. Today, Greenotel ‘s continuing efforts help to support hoteliers seeking to deliver a true luxury experience with a conscious care for their guest, staff and the environment.

Suits every aesthetic

The Signature range KOOLX-ECO360® is crafted to suit any HVAC aesthetic. Channelling the iconic Honeycomb design, the energy filter features Greenotel’s heritage ecology with refined rear earth minerals. The distinguished look and flexibility means that hoteliers can install on FAHU, AHU, FCU, HVAC-R, the Signature range KOOLX-ECO360® throughout the hotel, including the guestroom, spa, restrooms, fitness areas and restaurants, for a sophisticated, energy saving and also air purifying the indoor air quality.

Deliver the perfect safe luxury guest experience

Honeycomb has been used successfully for many years as means of straightening ad directing air flow or changing turbulent flow into laminar flow. The thin cell walls provide an array of straight passageways with a maximum percent open area (95-99%), which results in a very low pressure drop and reduced turbulence and noise. Each Signature range KOOLX-ECO360® is carefully processed by using the fine-quality formulas of rare earth minerals embedded in to LDPE to form a Honeycomb shape filter. The diverse selection of exquisite fragrances offers something to suit every hotel HVAC ambience and deliver a full, sensorial ritual guest experience.

Flexi install & secure design

To ensure the best standards of natural energy saving and indoor air purification, the Signature range KOOLX-ECO360®  has a tamper-proof flexible design that can be tailored to cut and fold for any HVAC prefilter shape & size , delivering and quick and easy way of installations for hotelier. They are very easy to install by the hotel engineering staff along with prefilter with simple cable ties.

Conscious care for the world

With the release of its new The Signature range KOOLX-ECO360®, Greenotel is maintaining the spirit of sustainability and care to reduce carbon footprint which has been the basic invention requirement since the brand’s inception. From their use of reliable packaging, to carefully sourcing of their ingredients, and their defiant – and, at the time, ground-breaking – stance against animal testing, we instilled a pioneering approach and belief in always delivering an ecology energy saver on HVAC with a conscious care for the world. Today, we belief that luxury and sustainability work hand-in-hand and continues to ensure it takes an ethical approach with every practice.

For more details please visit:  https://greenotel.co.uk/

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