Bosch is the perfect water heater for apartments

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Obviously, the under sink water heaters aren’t as powerful and reliable as gas heaters. However, it depends on your true needs. If you don’t need an immense amount of hot water, want to save energy and don’t have much money, the under sink water heater, may be your best option.

Regardless of the fact that it may take some time to reheat the entering water in the tank, the recovering time it’s still amazing. It shows a wide temperature range considering the size of this heater. You would only have to wait 40 minutes for its 7 gallon tank to be fulfilled and heated up to round 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

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  • One of the most powerful water heaters of this kind
  • Very small sized and compact
  • Effortless installation


For some people the recovery time will be inconvenient but you have to take on count the real requirements. For a kitchen, for example, it will work just fine.

The temperature range of the Bosch Tronic 3000 T varies between 65 and 145 Fahrenheit, and you can easily control and adjust the temperature with the frontal dial. It consumes around 1440 watts in a 120 volts output at 12 amperes. The user’s manual will tell exactly the wire gauge and amp breaker recommended and also check this Bosch Tronic 3000t review .

To install it you just need to plug at the point-of-use at any place with a sink.

The Bosch Tronic may be seemed more like a gadget than an appliance, but it accomplish its utility of heating the water very quickly. It can also be used to boost the heat in a specific faucet located far from the primary water heater.

Some people may find annoying the releases of hot water from its pressure relief valve, but this is a necessary safety measure. You can solve this by creating some kind of extra drainage for the releasing water.

The Bosch T 2.5 Gallon Electric Mini-Tank under sink water heater is another popular appliance people find very useful for daily needs. This is much better than many tankless water heaters, surpassing them in capacity, durability, power, effortless installation and quick recovery rate.

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