Ariens Deluxe Snow Blower Takes On The Biggest Husqvarna

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Hard-working metal gear case, alloy metal gears and L-3 synthetic severe-working gear oil make gears of Ariens Deluxe 28 snow blower dependable and lasting. The gearbox has a warranty for five years. Ariens boasts about this gearbox, and has good reasons to do it. This structure will live as long as the snowblower and is the hardest gearbox nowadays. Don’t know if they put a bracing to hold the box or just to handle its weight, but definitely I never saw a front auger case sink as low as this in any other snowblower. If you hit something by chance, don’t worry, it won’t break.

A different case is the Husqvarna 924HV. In some point, 924 included tires that were bigger than they were at the beginning. Maybe you can think it improves traction, but actually it becomes useless when you go over rough terrain. Cause now the snowblower inclines to a side and gets jammed at any insignificant bunch of grass or something like that.


  • 28” removal width. Clears driveways and courtyards faster.
  • 21” high intake. One of the two tallest snowblowers available.
  • 14” three-blade impeller, 14”. serrated auger and long discharge chute.

The 14” thrower discharge chute is longer than any other machine this price. That’s why this Ariens throws snow over 50 feet as seen in this Ariens snowthrower deluxe 28 review. The screws are bigger than most other products and impels compact snow and ice with violence. The 14” impeller combined with the 14” open flight auger will draw as much snow and ice as the motor allows.

The Ariens is not superior. It’s just different. The other machines in this price range and size use 12” impellers. Also, machines from other brands make exchanges and divide the snow into portions. Toro uses Power Max® Anti-Clogging System, Husqvarna has a closed flight, narrow spaced front screw to get the snow into the thrower. The last Cub Cadet 3X models have a third stage to get the snow into the thrower.

This machine’s throwing chute is bigger than other snowblowers. Actually, the only snowblower with a chute that big is the Cub Cadet 3X-HD and 900 models.

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