Keeping your heating and cooling systems (HVAC) in top condition

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Keeping your heating and cooling systems (HVAC) in top condition is crucial to the comfort of your home. If you’re having trouble deciding whether you need maintenance or significant repairs, don’t hesitate to call Superior Comfort Heating & Cooling any time! They are your choice for Heating and cooling Grosse Ile Michigan. They will provide an honest evaluation of your heating and cooling equipment, and help you make decisions that will save energy costs while providing reliable comfort for years to come.

You can also contact Superior Comfort Heating & Cooling for heating and cooling services in Grosse Ile MI if you need help.

To make sure you’re getting the best performance out of your equipment, be sure to take note of these maintenance tips:

  • Clean Your Furnace Filter – A dirty furnace filter reduces airflow to your furnace, which means it has to work harder than normal. This will shorten its lifespan and increase energy costs. You should clean or replace furnace filters every month during the heating season, and check them weekly when temperatures drop below freezing. If you have a permanent air filter system installed in your HVAC unit, only clean the disposable filters once every three months.A dirty AC coil can cause higher energy bills because it has to work harder than normal to cool the air. Follow the same guidelines as you would for your furnace filter.
  • Add Stabilizer To The System – Once a year, drain all of the liquid out of your system by opening each valve one at a time until empty. Clean all sediment from the strainer basket before refilling. Also, fill both units with stabilizer additive that will protect against rust and corrosion throughout the heating season. If you use R22 refrigerant in your AC unit, be sure to check local laws because there are restrictions on how much can be used due to ozone depletion concerns.
  • Change Old Wiring & Parts – You should replace old wiring or parts if they are worn or frayed. Never put any wiring in your unit that is not rated for high temperature. Your HVAC system’s electrical capacity should be able to handle the load of the air conditioning unit, which can require up to 30 amps or more of electricity.
  • Clean The Entire System – This includes cleaning filters and coils on both units, draining sediment from valves and drain pans, checking wiring connections and ensuring all parts are working correctly. You should also check the outdoor compressor for corrosion or rusting on exposed metal brackets or cords, replace if necessary. If you suspect a short in a wire because it is hot to the touch, shut off the power immediately and call somebody who knows how to inspect wires safely before going near them again.
  • Have The System Serviced – Check with your manufacturer’s instructions for recommended service intervals. Your system should also be inspected every fall to ensure there are no leaks in the ductwork or around wiring connections.

A dirty, clogged filter makes a HVAC system work much harder than it should to keep you comfortable. That means a shorter lifespan for your equipment and higher utility bills. If the airflow to your indoor coil is reduced significantly enough, even if you have a humidifier installed, it can cause the evaporator coil to ice over and reduce the efficiency of the entire system as well as potentially damaging components such as fans and compressors. A clean air filter can save you up to 15 percent on cooling costs each year!

Keep your heating and cooling units free of dust. If you allow dirt to collect around the vents, it will needlessly decrease air flow and efficiency. Also, if anyone in your family suffers from allergies or respiratory issues, it is important to keep these areas as clean as possible.

Be sure to schedule yearly checkups for all of your HVAC equipment: Furnace, A/C unit, thermostat and humidifier (if applicable). During the inspection, specialists will ensure that everything is working properly and that no repairs are needed. Not only does this mean fewer problems with your system during the hotter months-it can help save money on energy costs as well!

Consider upgrading an old window unit AC by adding a permanent split system. This is a great way to save on installation costs and ongoing maintenance fees. A permanent split system works by drawing cool air from outside, filtering it through an evaporator coil and distributing it throughout your home-similar to the way a central AC unit works.

Trim shrubs near your outdoor compressor units so that you can keep them from blocking the condenser coils of your AC unit. Air needs unobstructed access to the coils in order to move free and fast enough for proper cooling, so anything closer than 10 feet should be removed. Prune trees as well, since branches hanging over or close to the unit can cause much of the same problems (blocks airflow).

Be careful not to cover any outdoor AC unit with a tarp or similar covering. This may seem like a good way to keep rain and snow from building up on the fan coils, but it will cause problems inside. As moisture accumulates on the outside of the unit, air flow slows down and your system runs longer in an effort to dry everything out-wasting both energy and money.

Upgrade outdated thermostats with hi-tech models that can calculate the amount of heat generated by appliances as well as occupants throughout your home. In addition to accurate temperature control, this can help reduce energy costs since you won’t have to heat or cool your entire house all at once.

Inspect fireplaces before using them for winter warmth. If a damper is broken or doesn’t close properly, heated air could be lost into the walls and attic. If you haven’t used your fireplace in a while, make sure to get it cleaned out beforehand-and if you don’t know how to do that yourself, call us!

You can also contact Superior Comfort Heating & Cooling for heating and cooling services in Grosse Ile MI if you need help with any of these tasks. They will make sure your system is running efficiently all year long!

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