Chainsaw Safety Tips to Protect You From Injury

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The reservoir of Husqvarna 445 chainsaw has a capacity of 8.8 fluid ounces and a pump capacity of 13 ml per minute, so the oil should provide around 20 minutes of cutting time (depending on the intensity of cutting).

Users haven’t mentioned any issue with oiling mechanism, although there are quite a vew reviewers who said it has a tendency to leak oil when left idle, and despite this is a common issue with most chainsaws, there shouldn’t be oil spillage on this levels because of the pump system.

Consequently, the manufacturer recommends you to allow the saw to cool down after use and then unscrew the oil cap to relieve any pressure build up in the tank, so the oil is not forced out by the pressure through the feed line. On the same note, you should find a suitable place to store the chainsaw so the oil spillage doesn’t become a problem.

Finally, the oil isn’t supllied with the Husqvarna 445 saw, so you will have to purchase it separately as seen in this Husqvarna 445 review.

Safety Features

The 445 has several safety features to keep both user and machine safe. These include:

  • A chain brake that can be activated manually with the left hand by pushing the front hand guard forward, but it can also be activated by an inertia release mechanism. This will be triggered in case of a serious and violent kickback depending on the severity.
  • Throttle Lock-out switch. This must be activated before the throttle trigger can be used, thereby preventing accidental start up.
  • A chain catcher situated on the bottom of the saw will help to catch the chain if it snaps or jumps off providing protection to the hands.
  • Hand guards to protect the hands and stop twigs and foliage interfering with grip, and the right hand guard provides protection against problems with the chain.
  • Kill switch. The on/off button can be pushed down to cut the power immediately.

You should note that tis features reduce risk but don’t elimiinate it , so the only way to stay safe is to use the chiansaw in the correct manner.

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