Never forget your lipstick

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It occupies a little space and never feels like we have enough. Characterized as the most used and oldest makeup product in the world, there is no doubt that it is the most seductive female weapon.

Currently, lipsticks are a whole world within the market. There are different types, brands, and colors, having at hand a lot of options to make up the lips, always being fashionable, depending on the occasion, the style you want to demonstrate and taking into account the shape of your lips

Types of Lipsticks


The most classic, and even though there are many rivals, it is still the most used.



Also known as lipstick. It allows us to delineate the lip and if you want to draw the shape you want, making your finish look more beautiful. It is recommended to use the nude tone if you plan to apply only lip gloss. For the application of this type of labial technique, or rather, have patience.

Lipstick (in pencil)

It is a great union between the bar lipstick and the pencil eyeliner. They are very requested since it allows to paint the lip with better precision and a creamy texture.


Liquid lips

Some people prefer them because they are very fashionable. They present better application for their brushes and, at the same time, they improve their duration to the maximum.

Lip gloss (Gloss)

They are in different presentations, all equally comfortable and practical since several retouching is needed throughout its use.

Lipsticks in cream

They are found mostly in pallets, which bring their applicator in the form of a brush, or also seen in small bottles with the style of facial creams.


They are identical to large markers used to color or underline.


It’s increasingly famous in this industry, they provide a perfect finish for an evening event. They have a wide range of nude colors to black. The only disadvantage of these lipsticks is that they make lips lose their hydration, because of its long duration and it paints a lot. But the good news is that problems like this are having a solution little by little thanks to the great brands that exist and provide us with better products more and more. Like L’Oréal, who has taken out the Richie Color with the same pigment and finish, but without leaving behind the hydration.


They promise to be the newest type since the brands that work in them will not renounce hydration and long duration.


The most classic of all these options and the favorite for its softness, with an average duration.


They give the smile a great luminosity and volume, being the most daring. They fit perfectly with women who have thin lips. It is of short duration, therefore several retouching is required to achieve the desired finish. Most brands have tried to improve the shine so it is not sticky.

Long duration

If it is true that many women prefer them for their prolonged duration, but it has many consequences in terms of hydration, and they are very aggressive.

It should be said that there are products (Wibo cosmetics) that are for the care of the lips, and not necessarily makeup. Balms are a good option to keep your lips healthy and hydrated even some come with sunscreen. Or you can simply use Vaseline to keep them nice and soft. For a nice skin you can use best anti-wrinkle creams.

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