Group psychotherapy, a more effective way to recover mental health?

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Group psychotherapy is increasingly taken into account to achieve the solution to a problem that multiple individuals share. This type of therapy consists of the meeting of a small group of individuals who openly discuss their problems. The particularity of this therapy is that it is directed by a psychotherapist, who is responsible for the mental health of each of the members who participate in the therapy.

Those who have participated in a group psychotherapy indicate that recovery is much easier and satisfying, since recognizing that you have a problem and that they share this feeling with you is indescribable, because they manage to respond more positively to the treatment and also feel that they can count on help from someone who knows what they feel.

This type of therapy is often used to treat multiple disorders, among the most popular are personality disorders, traumas caused by chronic or also serious diseases, problems relating to other people, loss of loved ones or any other trauma, plus of anxiety and depression.

What is the origin of group psychotherapy?

The style of group psychotherapy was actively incorporated during the year 1930, when the American psychiatrist Louis Wender discovered an innovative way to take advantage of time with his patients, since he could treat several individuals at the same time, besides this could generate a greater amount of profits.

Although in the beginning this style of therapy was used by many psychologists and psychiatrists to treat a greater volume of patients during a rather short time, that is, it was used to optimize the working time and increase the amount of profits; It was not until 1953 that in Europe they managed to systematize group psychotherapy and allowed its use to be authorized only when an individual therapy can not be paid by the patient.

What is a group psychotherapy session?

A session of a group psychotherapy is not very different from a support group or an individual session because they use the methods that best suit individuals and also the crowd. First of all, it must be taken into account that a group for this type of therapy must be composed of an amount of 5 to 10 people. If more members are included, the therapy may not be entirely effective.

The duration of a session is between one hour or an hour and a half, during this time the participants must express in a completely honest and clear all their experiences, feelings, experiences, ideas, emotions and reactions to certain situations. The effectiveness of the therapy falls on the group’s commitment to help each other, thus they also serve as assistants for their colleagues, in addition to this they share experiences and experiences, and the effective ways of managing their problems, in this way they will also be helping others. The success of the group varies according to the methods used, as there is no standard for all groups, and by the level of commitment of each individual.

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