Dos and Don’ts When Using Hair Extensions

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A lot of ladies often make the common mistake of failure to take proper care of their hair extensions the same way they look after their natural hair. This is not really because they don’t have any idea about caring for their extensions but it is more because they don’t know the risks of not doing so. 

It doesn’t matter if you are using synthetic extensions or you prefer natural ones. Taking care of your extensions properly will give you the assurance that you can have that perfect hairstyle you want all day long. 

Read this quick guide about the things you should and shouldn’t do as far as caring for your extensions is concerned.

How to Care for Your Synthetic Hair Extensions 

Your hair extension never receives the same benefit and this is why it is important that you keep them as moisturized as possible. This prevents damage and maintains their natural look for a long time.

Synthetic Hair Extensions
It is very important to take care for synthetic hair extensions

Importance of Caring for Extensions 

It doesn’t really take much to damage your extensions if you fail to looThere are synthetic extensions that act just the same as the natural ones. If you are using a lower quality synthetic extension, make sure you don t brush them or use heat on them. If your synthetic extensions are of higher quality, you might be able to gently brush it using a soft brush and use a small amount of heat. Just make sure that you don’t go overboard when you wash your extensions and always consult your stylist to know the best conditioner and shampoo to use for your extensions. 

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How to Care for Your Natural Hair Extensions 

As far as natural extensions are concerned, there is nothing more important as using an excellent sulfate-free shampoo you can use for washing them. This type of shampoo helps in the protection of both your extensions and natural hair in the best way possible. 

One thing often taken for granted is not using a conditioner after each wash.  Oil is being produced by your own natural hair that makes itk after them properly. There are times when you won’t be able to see these negative effects immediately but there is the risk that they will look unnatural, lose their color, and suffer from permanent damage. 

When you know how to care for your extensions before you even get them, you will be more prepared to buy the right products you will need. You can also plan how you will alter your hair care routine. Since you will be investing in hair extension, it is best that you also take the necessary steps to maintain their great natural looks for the longest time possible. This will let you make the most out of your investment and enjoy beautiful hair without having to worry about unnecessary damages. 

And for the best results, always ensure that you choose only the highest quality of hair extensions so you don’t have any regrets in the future.

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