EdgeStar kegerator is ideal for beginners

The KC2000 has few disadvantages. First, it’s a bit noisy. If you keep it in your garage or basement, you most likely won’t hear anything. But in a quiet place, like a hall, you will hear the running of the apparatus. It may even make noises because of the contraction of the parts. If you have that problem, you should call EdgeStar to change that part and so the problem will be solved.…

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Comfy steering wheel provides a comfortable experience

What’s not so great?

Husqvarna YTH24V48 Yard Tractor doesn’t have a proper fuel indicator to tell you how much gas do you have left, may be a bit worrying. It doesn’t even have an alarm for low fuel. Even though with this big cutting desk, it would be problematic to go through thick grass and you would need a bigger cutting desk.

There has been reports of engine malfunctioning by some user time passed after the acquisition. This might be worrying but still this problems are covered by warranty. Is not like other brands don’t have malfunctioning problems. …

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