Don’t Buy Real Estate Portugal Before You Read This

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Are you undecided whether or not it is a wise decision to buy real estate Portugal? Do you plan to move soon but you still need some convincing? Don’t waste time and read these top reasons why moving to Portugal is one of the best rewards you can ever give to yourself and your family.

High Quality of Life

The country of Portugal is considered to be among the best countries in the world because of its high quality of life. Safety, healthcare, and safety in the place all received high ranks.

Low Cost of Living

Many people who already bought their own real estate Portugal ( have come to realize that the country has a lower cost of living compared to that in their home country. You can notice and see this right away in the rent prices, dining in restaurants, and shopping for groceries.

Panoramic Landscape

Thanks to its Atlantic Coast location, Portugal serves as the home to some of the most stunning and dramatic landscapes you will ever see. Its coastline in the west boasts of some fascinating rock formations that rise high from the waters below. There are mountain ranges further inland including Serra de São Mamede and Serra da Estrela as well as nature reserves and natural parks. The south coast has sandy beaches that are famous destinations among sun lovers. And then, there are the volcanic islands of the Azores and Madeira.

Comfortable Pace of Life

The moment you have become familiar with the place, you will love the limited opening hours of the local banks as well as the fact that there are businesses that close for several hours every afternoon. It gives you the perfect chance to save yourself from the scorching heat of summer day, do some household chores, or spend time with your friends.

One-of-a-Kind Experience

Portugal provides a lot of exciting opportunities you will never find in most countries in Europe. These include surfing on some of the continent’s best waves, exploring the Algarve’s Zoomarine Park, or even swimming with the adorable dolphins.

Lovely Towns

When you live in the country, it means that you can buy real estate Portugal in one of the gorgeous and character-filled towns, cities, or villages. Places such as Guimarães and Évora serve as the home to colorful buildings, cobbled streets, and historic remnants that make them charming areas to visit or beautiful places you can call your home.

Palate-Satisfying Food and Drinks

The long coastline of Portugal means that you can have an extensive selection of fresh seafood and fish right on your doorstep. They also have delicious wines that you can pair up with you meals. Portugal has a lot of native wine grapes in vineyards and also serves as the origin of the well-acclaimed fortified wine called port. There are also plenty of exceptional gastronomical delicacies in the country like alheira de mirandela or a form of smoked sausage, pastéis de bacalhau or cod fishcakes, and pastéis de nata, a scrumptious custard tart.

Hopefully, these reasons are more than enough to convince you to buy real estate Portugal soon!

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