Should you attempt climbing mount Triglav alone or hire a guide?

Julian Alps is the southwest region of the Alps which spread across central Europe. It is characteristic that they have relatively high and sharp peaks. This means reaching the tops sometimes present a reasonable challenge to achieve. There are many different routes for climbing mount Triglav. The ones from the north are demanding and advised with a guide, the southern ones could be described more as Triglav hiking trails. Altitude Activities offer several options to suit your desires and physical capabilities for climbing mount Triglav, be it a single-day expedition or a two-day trip to the highest peak of Slovenia.

Do you feel competent enough to tackle Triglav in a single day? If not, better take one of the Triglav hiking trails for a more relaxed experience, in the company of an expert guide whichever decision you will make

People have the tendency to accomplish goals by themselves. That might sound perfectly reasonable and filled with initiative when trying to assemble a new wardrobe closet. But when you are talking about climbing mount Triglav, you should rethink your decisions and consider finding a professional who will accompany you, regardless of the difficulty of the trail or duration of the trip. On the demanding trails when climbing mount Triglav, they will make sure everyone is safe; on the more relaxing routes, they will be able to pinpoint everything you should see when climbing mount Triglav.

Altitude Activities is one of the companies in Slovenia that provides active holidays, including activities in the mountains, such as climbing mount Triglav. They offer single day and two day trips to Triglav, including many other activities so you will be able to spend your winter season holidays in Slovenia as actively as possible. And after all, reaching the top is amazing, but someone must also make sure to bring you back to the valley safely and in one piece.

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