Indulge in Flowers and Beer in Laško, Slovenia

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No matter where you go in Slovenia and the whole Southeast European region, Laško is a name that is synonymous with the green bottles and cans of the locally-made Zlatorog brand pilsner.

The truth is that Laško and beer are almost the same in Slovenia. This in itself is definitely not a small achievement considering the small size of this medieval town with a population of 3,600 residents. But Laško, Slovenia has more things in store than its globally acclaimed brewing tradition. 

Laško, Slovenia at a Glance

The town of Laško itself is among Slovenia’s oldest continuously populated settlements with its compact old city centre that has an enviable location amongst the picturesque valleys and rolling hills that spread out in every direction from the Savinja River. 

The surrounding area is just waiting to be explored either on foot or by bike. What is interesting here is that long before the large-scale commercial production of beer in the area, the town was already renowned for its thermal springs and their healing powers. This even became the favourite holiday spot of Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria in the mid-19th century. 

From then on, the thermal spa of Laško has grown to become one of the most important tourist centres and health resorts in entire Slovenia, with modern hotels and swimming pools, crowded with guests from across the globe all year long.

There is also another thermal space centre located several kilometres to the southern part of Laško in Rimske Toplice, a charming village that is smaller compared to the complex in Laško proper. It was renovated not too long ago and is esteemed for its great value. 

Thermana Laško
The thermal spa of Laško has grown to become one of the most important tourist centres and health resorts in entire Slovenia. (source: Thermana Laško)

In other parts of the municipality, the primary attraction is the remains of the 12th-century Carthusian Monastery in Jurklošter which is located around 15 kilometres to the east of Rimske Toplice. You can also find the imposing Zidani Most settlement that is set high above the convergence of the rivers of Savinja and Sava at the far western tip of the region. 

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