Wibo Cosmetics Queen Size Mascara Review

Wibo Cosmetics promotes their latest Queen Size mascara as the perfect choice for ladies who want to achieve the much-desired cat’s eye effect for a sexy look. But, is this really the revolutionary mascara you should get?

Wibo Queen Size Mascara Composition 

The Queen Size formula has been clinically tested and this means that there are no risks of allergies when you use it. The composition of the mascara includes natural beeswax, synthetic beeswax, carnauba wax that comes from palm leaves, ester of jojoba oil, glycerine, vitamin E, Arabic gum, and the natural black colorant.…

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Never forget your lipstick

It occupies a little space and never feels like we have enough. Characterized as the most used and oldest makeup product in the world, there is no doubt that it is the most seductive female weapon.

Currently, lipsticks are a whole world within the market. There are different types, brands, and colors, having at hand a lot of options to make up the lips, always being fashionable, depending on the occasion, the style you want to demonstrate and taking into account the shape of your lips…

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Group psychotherapy, a more effective way to recover mental health?

Group psychotherapy is increasingly taken into account to achieve the solution to a problem that multiple individuals share. This type of therapy consists of the meeting of a small group of individuals who openly discuss their problems. The particularity of this therapy is that it is directed by a psychotherapist, who is responsible for the mental health of each of the members who participate in the therapy.…

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Difference between coffee and Bulletproof cofee

If you have reached this section it is because you are probably attracted to bulletproof coffee, you want to try it and check its effects. After all, having a little extra energy in the mornings would not hurt at all. We all want to have that energy from early on and have an effective and productive day.

There is no doubt that the MCT oil is stronger and therefore it is recommended, besides this is much easier to combine with coffee than coconut oil.…

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Make sure your tattoo heals properly

After getting your tattoo, it’s important to make sure it heals properly. The aftercare procedure is more crucial at getting your tattoo looking great for years to come then the actual inking itself. Now, it’s great to do some research beforehand as to how to properly take care of your skin after the procedure, but if you type “tattoo care” in any web surfing engine, you will find huge amounts of data you can help yourself with.…

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