The importance of automotive LED headlamps for us

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Automobile lamps and lanterns can be divided into two categories: external lighting (lighting) and signal (signal). The function of lighting is to illuminate the road ahead of the car in the dark environment. Lighting mainly refers to headlamp, front fog lamp, reverse lamp; optical signal device includes automobile signal lamp and recovery reflector. Signal lights include steering lights, brake lights, rear fog lights and position lights. The function of the signal lamp is to show the existence of the vehicle to other road users, and the car will turn in a certain direction or is braking and decelerating, so as to attract special attention.

Car lights are generally composed of insulation (fixed) support, LED lamp tube, control line and so on. Led lamp number is generally dozens, they are evenly distributed in several electrical branches, the LED lights in each electrical branch are in series with each other, while the electrical branches are in parallel.

The control line generally provides 2 to 3 ports, each port accepts different levels of control voltage, and connects the resistance of different resistance backward to the LED lamp tube with series-parallel structure, so that the lamp has different brightness, and then realizes different logical functions of the lamp, such as “lighting”, “brake”, “lighting enhancement” and so on.

In life, we must install lights for our cars, not only to illuminate the road, but also to communicate with each other and remind each other. Driving at night, different road sections and scenes, the difficulty and danger of riding at night are also different: no matter in the urban road, there are street lamps on both sides of the road; or in the dim and unlit suburban road, even the all-black national highway provincial road is even driving on the road, a car lamp that meets the requirements and has a good lighting effect is a necessary equipment for driving at night.

Choose a LED headlamp, in the traditional design, most of the lights are used for lighting this function. However, as far as the design of modern and future lights is concerned, it is not only the word “lighting”, it also adds more cool techs and futury. in the emotional rich connotation, the lamp design carries more interactive functions. In addition to the function of lighting and embellishment, the future lights are also expected to become the carrier of communication between cars, cars and environments, and cars and people. Augmented reality technology and intelligent lighting technology will provide drivers with the safest and most comprehensive image on the road ahead. Choosing a matching car lamp is a piece of It is very important that as a car lover, if you do not know which lamp model corresponding to the model, you can directly use the first page of our website to enter the year and the model directly query a matching lamp. Our website all kinds of LED lamp have waterproof, equation performance, have different power, you can make corresponding purchase. If you like to buy the best product and buy it once, then gather different brands on the AOTOTOP website, and all kinds of lamp bulbs are suitable for you. Excellent light output, excellent design and structure, warranty and free replacement, for a variety of reasons, you will not miss this Some.

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