Learn the Differences between Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

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Training in plastic surgery involves a wide range of procedures to bring back the normal function and appearance of the body. Cosmetic surgery training, on the other hand, focuses mainly on more aesthetic procedures.

However, most plastic surgeons also offer or perform cosmetic procedures as part of their practice. Now, this might leave you wondering and confused. How do plastic surgical procedures differ from cosmetic surgical procedures?

All surgeons undergo various training and although there are many well-trained and skilled plastic and cosmetic surgeons, knowing the main differences between them will help you better understand the experiences and credentials of each surgeon.

Surgical Tools and Techniques 

Plastic surgeons use techniques for restoring the function and appearance of the body that are usually similar to those used by cosmetic surgeons to improve the appearance of the body. 

A cosmetic breast augmentation, for example, is an in-demand procedure that shares some similarities with the procedure of breast reconstruction following cancer, which is a core procedure in the training of a plastic surgeon. 

Insurance Coverage 

While reconstructive plastic surgeries might be considered medically necessary, cosmetic surgery is almost often elective. This means that the patient decides to undergo the procedure although this is not often considered critical by insurance companies for the health of the patient. 

Patient recovering after breast reconstruction.
Surgery called breast reconstruction rebuilds womens breasts.

Choose the Right Surgeon for Your Needs

Your surgeon is always the first and most important choice you need to make as far as cosmetic surgery procedures are concerned. 

A licensed physician with a certain specialty might legally carry out cosmetic procedures, which makes it imperative that you always do your own homework and work with a surgeon who does not only specialize in the procedure you need but is also equipped with the necessary credentials. 

When you need a procedure that is more cosmetic in nature, looking for a cosmetic surgeon will mean that the focus of the surgeon is on making sure that you will achieve a sound and safe aesthetic result. Make the right choice for better peace of mind.

The main diferences between plastic and cosmetic surgery.

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