What to Know about EGR Valve

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EGR valve is an important of emissions control system in vehicles. Without EGR or Exhaust Gas Re-Circulation, automobiles won’t be able to pass smog. It minimizes the production of NOx. 

Once the internal temperature of an engine reaches 2500 F degrees, the process of combustion will start producing NOx or nitrogen oxide. Then, NOx is expelled into the atmosphere through an exhaust pipe. It is known as air pollution once it’s in the atmosphere. Therefore, NOx isn’t good. That is where EGR valve comes in. It is made to decrease the amount of the NOx emissions from the automobiles.

EGR Valve

It is accomplished through recirculating a part of exhaust. Engines have small passages between the exhaust manifold and intake. EGR regulates it. Once valve opens, the engine will draw in the exhaust through EGR valve and puts it through the process of combustion again. It causes the combustion temperature to reduce enough sod the NOx would be kept to minimum.

Once you hear pinging during acceleration or some kind of erratic idling in the engine, you must check EGR valve for replacement or clogging. All recirculated exhaust will build up carbon in valve that could make it stick in the closed or open position.

Signs That Your EGR Valve is Failing

If the EGR valve has some issues, it may cause problems with the EGR system’s operation and flow. This may result to increased emissions as well as performance issues. Typically, a failing or bad EGR valve will produce some symptoms, which may alert the driver of the possible problem.

EGR Valve

Rough Idle

Rough idle is one of the common symptoms of a certain problem with the EGR valve of the vehicle. It isn’t uncommon for an EGR valve to malfunction and be stuck in an open position. This may result to exhaust gas recirculation to happen, which may cause rough idle even when conditions aren’t desirable.

Issues on Engine Performance

One of the symptoms of a problem with EGR valve is issues on the performance of the engine. A malfunctioning or clogged EGR valve may disrupt the air-fuel ratio of the vehicle, which could cause engine performance problems including acceleration, power reduction, and fuel efficiency.

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Check Engine Light is Turned On

Another sign of a failing or bad EGR valve is an illuminated check engine light. If computers detect a problem with the EGR valve circuit of the vehicle, it’ll set off Check Engine Light to notify the driver of the problem. Check Engine Light may also be activated due to some problems. Therefore, having a computer scan for trouble codes is recommended.

What to Do When Your EGR Valve is Failing

Video: Symptoms of a bad egr valve how to change a bad egr valve

EGR valve is a crucial part of emissions, particularly for the cars in states with strict regulations when it comes to emissions. If you think that the EGR valve of your vehicle has some issues, have it inspected by a professional mechanic. This will help you determine if your vehicle really requires a replacement of EGR valve.

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