The difference between ball screw and ball screw spline

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When starting a new DIY project, it is important to remember all the little gadgets and tools you’ll need to execute it as desired. 

It sure can be complicated, if you’re working on something completely new. The last thing you’d want is to realise that you’re missing something as small and important as a ball screw. 

A Ball Screw is a linear actuator that mechanically translates rotational motion to linear and causes very little friction. They come with a threaded shaft that provides a spiral road for ball bearings very precisely. Ball screws are able to bear very heavy loads producing minimal amounts of friction. 

They come highly recommended in the industry because ball screws are more than suitable when high precision is required. 

Ball screws can seem a bit bulky because they come with a mechanism that helps them re-circulate the balls.

What is a Rolling Ring Drive?

A threadless ball screw, also known as rolling ring drive, is another linear motion actuator which is based on a rotating rod. 

Three or more rolling ring-bearings are placed symmetrically in a container that surrounds a smooth actuator rod. These bearings are then placed at an angle to the rod which determines the direction and rate of linear motion of the rod. 

Ball Screw Shafts
Ball Screw Shafts

A rolling ring drive is more practical in elimination of backlash and loading caused by preloaded nuts. This advantage makes them a more often choice for professionals. 

The purpose of a ball screw

They are widely used in aircraft and missiles industry for moving the controlled surfaces. In the automobile industry, ball screws are used to translate rotary motion from an electric motor to axial motion of the steering wheel.

Chasing Micrometres with the best Ball Screws

Wherever the high precision results are needed, like in the machine tools industry and even robotics, the ball screw is a go-to piece of equipment to do the right job. 

Pros and cons that come with ball screws

One of the biggest advantages of using a ball screw is the mechanical efficiency they provide in comparison to the alternative options. Compared to a general lead screw which provides 25% efficiency at best, a plain ball screw will in return provide 90% accuracy and precision. 

Because there is no sliding friction between the nut and the screw, a ball screw provides a longer lifespan of the screw body. It reduces downtime for maintenance of the equipment and parts replacement. At the same time, the demand for lubrication is reduced. In combination with high precision result and reduced power needs, it also helps eliminate backlash which is common in leading screw and nut combinations. 

DIY One Stop Shop

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