Tattoo care is very important to prevent infections

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Many people, after having their tattoo done, think that is all there is. I paid for it, it is a part of me now and that is the end of the story. And then they have to deal with pus, formed scabs, their tattoo fades and the color shades disappear, becoming very pail and the tattoo looks very old and of poor quality. That is because taking care of your tattoo is 70% of work needed for you to be happy with the final results. Indeed, except for peaceful and creative hands of tattoo masters, high quality needles, color, equipment and all these wonderful things, something else plays a crucial role in how to make your tattoo shine in all its best splendor and that is tattoo care Tattoo Nano Shock.

Persons under the influence of alcohol, pills, drugs, with elevated blood sugar levels, people suffering from long and abundant bleeding and problems with wound healing, people with certain types of mental illness, people who suffer from epilepsy and similar types of psychological and physical diseases should not consider getting a tattoo due to complications that might occur during procedure.

First 24 hours after the procedure are crucial

After the last line of your new tattoo has been drawn, the tattoo master washes is in warm distilled water and in alcohol. Alcohol is very volatile and tattoo masters use it because it will not cause a chemical reaction in contact with the ink which is now a part of your skin. Because of its disinfection capabilities and the fact that it has the power to kill any germ, alcohol will serve the purpose of preventing infections on the skin area where you tattoo was created. The bad side of alcohol is that if you apply it to the place where only moments before a needle was piercing your skin, it will hurt so much. There is also the problem that alcohol can cause you a dry skin, due to the raise in temperature of the skin surface where we apply it to, that it might in the long run damage your tattoo.

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Therefore, it is necessary to immediately resort to fresh lubrication of your tattoo. Despite of all the advice and recipes for homemade tattoo care products, for proper skin care in the first 24 hours after getting your tattoo it is best to use Vaseline. Vaseline is known for its benefits when applied to a fresh wound, which is what a freshly made tattoo actually is. It helps its healing and stopping of the bleeding which is well known in many sports where bleeding needs to be stopped quickly and the wound needs to be patched up.

By using Vaseline your tattoo will keep its original, bright color, the bleeding will be stopped and your skin will be properly moist so it could heal properly. That’s why it is important to use Vaseline in the first 24 hours of your tattoo care and avoid other creams and chemicals which can cause more harm than good, especially in those first hours after getting your tattoo.

After you clean your new tattoo with alcohol and apply Vaseline by gently massage it on the tattoo and the surrounding area and thus, closing the pored and sores, it is important to put a clean piece of paper towel or a gauze on it before going home to prevent any contamination of the wound. You might have heard that putting a piece of foil on it is a good idea, but this should be avoided in the first 24 hours of tattoo care. The reason for this is the condensation of sweat, lymph and water on the fresh wound and its evaporation, and fertilization can occur, and further consequences are imaginable. To prevent this use paper towel or a gauze which will soak it in and keep it clean.

Instructions on tattoo care after you arrive home

After you get home, remove the gauze or the paper towel gently and wash your new tattoo. Do not use soap or shampoo or any other product, just plain lukewarm water will suffice. Alcohol has already cleaned your wound as much as it was possible and any kind of soap might cause a chemical reaction. After you wash your tattoo, reapply the Vaseline and put the gauze back on. It is important to repeat this process as often as possible because hydration is crucial for quick and healthy healing and also for the color of your tattoo to remain bright.

Also, whenever possible keep your tattoo exposed to fresh air to speed up the process. It is important to avoid showering and bathing in the first 24 hours. Also, be on the lookout for infections. Although it is not very common, infections might occur. This might happen even if sterilized instruments were used and even if your tattoo care was done in the right way. If you are careful, even if infection occurs, negative consequences can still be prevented.

Further tattoo care

After the first 24 hours, you know the most sensitive period of recovery is behind you. Now you can take a shower and move on with the routine of your life but you still have to be a little careful. Replace Vaseline with Bepanthen. Apply rich layers of it on your tattoo before taking a shower because its chemical composition will prevent water from penetrating into your freshly closed wound. It also provides enough moisture to allow the healing process to continue.

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In the next two weeks keep your tattoo clean, moist and be very gentle to it and the surrounding area. This includes wearing soft fabrics and exposing it to fresh air as often as possible. Avoid swimming, in the sea or swimming pool, in the next three months. Also use tattoo creme Tattoo Nano Shock that you can find at web shop Lux-factor. It will take about two weeks for your tattoo to completely heal but you still need to take care of it so it would keep the high quality of colors applied and also to prevent infections.

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