Simple Fixes for Common Laptop Issues

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Every time your laptop acts up, the most common advice you probably hear is to just restart the device. But although this is always worth a try, fixing issues related to laptops has gone beyond a mere restart. 

Of course, there are always home remedies you can find on Google but knowing the specific type of issue you are dealing with in the first place can help you save a lot of effort, time, and money. 

Laptops can encounter all sorts of issues, both hardware and software related. Take a look at some of the most common problems you need to be familiar with:

Application Shows Error Message or Doesn’t Open 

Closing the application, reinstalling, or uninstalling are some of the many solutions you can find online when it comes to addressing this problem. However, if all of these don’t work, there might be other serious reasons such as corrupt window files or even a virus on your system. 

It is best to consult a technician or repair expert if the problem remains unfixed even after you try simple methods of repairing this error. 

Battery Problems

Faulty charging hardware or old batteries can make your device charge slowly or if it doesn’t charge at all. A common error message tells you that the device is plugged in but is not charging. This error is the result of a failing battery or because of a Microsoft Windows error. 

low battery warning on a laptop
There is a warning on your laptop for low battery level and a second warning for critical battery level. The yellow triangle warning indicates that the system has encountered an issue with the battery.

If you look at the device’s bottom corner to the right, you will see the battery icon. Hovering over this icon will tell you the battery’s status. Make sure you check the power supply socket first before you conclude that it is an issue with hardware or battery. For older laptops, a battery replacement might be necessary. However, it is best to have a repair expert check the issue. 

Frequent Restarts

Nothing can be more annoying than your laptop restarting right in the middle of your work, all the more so if you haven’t saved the file yet.

Fix for frequent restarts of your laptop.

Frequent restarting may be due to different hardware issues or even corrupt system files in Windows or registry. This type of problem needs a computer repair expert’s attention right away.

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