Producers making a living selling beats online

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Music producer entrepreneurs have been seeking beats online now for years. From independent producers to some of the biggest names in the scene have turned to the internet to make a living making and selling beats online. The demand for beats and sounds that best represent the West Coast hip hop and rap scenes are growing and presenting an opportunity for music producers to make some serious money. I’m talking six-figure money.

Making money online selling beats

Rapper Lil Nas X’s global hit “Old Town Road” used a beat the rapper purchased online for just $30. The song went on to spend a record 17 weeks at number 1 on the Billboard charts, half a billion views on YouTube and over a billion streams on Spotify for the remix of the track. The producer who uploaded the beat online for Lil Nas X to purchase, Dutch teenager YoungKio would go on to be signed by Universal Music Group.

This kind of success is what Antbeatz sees every day and what inspired him to start Antbeatz LLC. The West Coast producer from Fresno, California started making beats when he was 15 after learning from a neighbour. In 2011, Antbeatz got serious about music and signed to Defiant Entertainment/Grand Hustle Ent the following year. He’ll admit, learning to sell beats online took some time but the rewards are paying off the music producer now. His website has thousands of beats for sale, his beats have been used by artists like Mozzy, SOB x RBE, Philthy Rich, D-Lo, Lil Sz and more.

With growing success from his beats, Antbeatz has been able to grow his business becoming an active CEO for Drumpackz, the number 1 website for West Coast drum kits, loop packs and more.

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How to make money selling beats

There is more than just posting a few beats on Soundcloud and hoping artists will find your music. Antbeatz has a few tips for inspiring beat makers and music producers to sell beats online:

  1. Consistency Drop Music. Artists want to see fresh beats and new music. Posting five beats and hoping for the best won’t get you recognised in this industry. Consistency is key.
  2. Grow your fan base. This doesn’t mean having a Twitter account with a few hundred followers. This means looking for collaborations with artists. Releasing good quality music. Give away a few beats for free or run a contest for an exclusive beat to be won.
  3. Brand yourself. One of the biggest mistakes I see out there is people trying to copy other artists and not establish their own brand. Know who you are and what you want to represent, that will start your branding.
  4. Have a good website. WordPress makes this really easy and low cost. Just make sure it is easy for people to purchase and download your beats and keep it up to date.

For beat makers and music producers, making a living selling beats online is as easy as it’s ever been. It gets your music out there and helps generate income, even when you are not working, chilling with friends. For Antbeatz, it’s allowed him to grow his business and profile and has seen him become one of the most sought after beat producers on the West Coast.

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