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A domain is simply an identity of web pages in an URL.  It is a representative of internet signposts that tell web users the exact place they find information. The initial step in domain registration involves a decision on the hosting site you are interested in. It may be necessary that you be conversant with various features to be able to draw the best comparison between the available domain services. Let us break down the registration process.

Step By Step Guidelines

For domain registration, you will be required to do the following:

Take time to think about the name you want to use. Be creative enough to come up with different ones. Thinking of only one name is fallacious because it may have been taken. You can research from various sources the tips that can help you choose a good domain name.

Since the domain is paid for, you require either a credit card or PayPal account for submitting payments. Indeed, nearly all registrars require applicants to meet this requirement and so it is not an optional thing. It will help you obtain a domain name shortly after application.

Do you already have a web host? Well, if the answer is yes, then contact them for primary and secondary name servers. If you are not in a position to comprehend this information, no cause of alarm. You can keep them safe somewhere. The information is often retrieved from the documentation within their sites. You can obtain them from the section entitled ‘Domain names’ or ‘DNS’. If you cannot retrieve it or it gives you problems, you can contact them via email. The information is requisite in integrating your domain name to your web.

Suppose you do not have a domain name, no cause of alarm still. The can the registrar will fix your domain in a temporary website that is specifically designed for you. The registrars often park clients name irrespective of whether they ask for that or not. In so doing, you get an opportunity to secure your domain name and time to fix other issues relating to your site.

General Overview

To obtain your domain name, you will be required to register with a body called ICANN with the aid of domain name the administrative officer. For instance, if you have decided on the name, you will have to visit the registrar office and then submit payment for the service, probably ranging from $5 to $35. By so doing, you will be guaranteed the right to the name for a period of up to one year. After the period elapses, you can renew it for the same annual charges. Some web host (specifically commercial ones) will register the name and even remit payment for free while others will register and pay on the condition that you meet the expenses. It is however important that you register the domain name via the registrar rather than with your host company. There are cases where the organizations registered the domain in their own name rather than the client’s name.

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