How to Choose the Right Alpenklang Harmonica for You

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Shopping for your first Alpenklang harmonica can be a very tough and tricky decision. With all the models, sizes, colors, and special features, it is easy to feel too overwhelming when trying to find the right one for you.

All the choices can leave you perplexed, especially if there is no one to help you out. Buying an accordion is both an investment and commitment to learning how to play this beautiful instrument. 

Before you make your final purchase, make sure you do your homework first. Just because there is a cheaper offer online doesn’t mean that it is already a good buy right away.

Below are the most important things to consider before you buy your first Alpenklang accordion:

Accordion Age

The age of the instrument is very crucial. It is best to avoid buying those that were already a bit old because of potential problems and conditions that might pop up along the way. Search for accordions that feature a white keyboard without yellowing to ensure that it is still on the newer end of the spectrum.

Alpenklang harmonica
Alpenklang harmonica has always been the epitome of the highest quality


The design, color, and the rest of the attributes of the Alpenklang harmonica you choose all depend on your personal style and preferences. 


Remember that the chamber will always have a bit of air, but there should be no excessive leak in the accordion. 


Always give it a second thought before you buy an accordion that has a rather strong smell of mildew. The moment the instrument gets this odor, it can take several years of major expense and tender loving care to have it restored if it is even possible in the first place. 


Try playing the instrument to get a feel of it. Since you will spend lots of time with your harmonica, it only makes sense that you check first whether this is the perfect fit for you or not. 

Styrian Alpenklang harmonica video sound sample


It is best to stay as low as possible because sooner or later, you will trade the accordion for the one you truly want. The advancement you make can help you justify a higher expense later on. 

Yes, there are people who are lucky enough to find the perfect Alpenklang harmonica for them right from the get-go. However, this happens only after they have sufficient knowledge in making a purchasing decision or they got help from an expert.


All accordions have four, three, two, or one reed. Remember that the specific number of reeds will determine the increased value and weight of the instrument. A two-reed accordion is a good choice to get started. 


A lighter accordion is recommended if you are just getting started. Playing and practicing with the instrument must be comfortable enough. After some time, you will advance to a bigger instrument and its weight will no longer be a problem. 

Keep these tips in mind and soon, you’ll find the right Alpenklang harmonica for you!

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