Gifting Promotional Products.

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Probably because we are living in a digital World you may have not heard of “Promotional Products”, with marketers these days focusing solely on Online Marketing to attract new clients and customers they all seem to have forgotten about physical Promotional Products and how much personal impact they still have, making them just as successful in attracting clients or customers as their online counterparts.

It was a sad day Promotional Products were neglected of their amazing duty of attracting new business, it is a shame that most of the industry turn to Online Marketing, as they are missing out on so much.

The impact of promotional products

Giving away branded freebies or promotional products have always been somewhat modest gifts. They can be seen as small promotional doohickeys used by Businesses to promote their products or services. They can be seen as a small souvenir that can be placed on top of Desks, Tables, or Shelves and are a constant reminder of the Company that gave it to you.

Quality promotional gifts
Choose promotional gifts that fits your brand

Precisely because we live in a modern World where Online Marketing is all the rage, does gifting these “physical” Promotional Products still have a positive impact in marketing products?

Numbers never lie

A study conducted back in 2016 by ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) a US agency, gathered all the information needed about the positive effect Promotional gifts have. The study concluded that the majority of the people who received this gifts would keep them for a period of up to eight months. This means that these people are actually looking at the Promotional Product much longer than a regular PPC or a pop-up ad on a website. The actual time these gifts lasts depends on the type of Product being gifted, for example, an umbrella with the company’s logo would last up to fourteen months, while hats or caps will go for up to seven months.

Gifting Promotional Products presents the Company with an uncanny opportunity, a little something that has been in the news lately called “Brand Ambassadors” sure, these may not be famous people, but your gift is bound to be seen by others and even passed along from one hand to another, and the number of people looking at your Promotional Product will increase exponentially. The study actually concluded that up to 64% of Promotional Products gifts recipient will pass it along once they have finished with it.

Another conclusion of this study was that the majority of the recipients would have a favorable opinion about the Company or Business gifting the Product. This means that the Company will be benefiting from a Branding Message by just giving free stuff away.

According to this Study, and other experts in the marketing field, giving away Promotional Products is more effective today, in the digital era than it was ten years ago. Promotional Products are actually the seventh largest marketing strategy in the US alone. The bottom line, everyone loves this gifts because they don’t cost them a thing, but most importantly because the message it sends to the clients.

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