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When opening a higher level domain, it is a requirement that one provides appropriate contact information. While some people may give their correct details, others may hide them for privacy purposes. The contact information so given is referred to us WHOIS info and it is publicly published online. Giving a fake WHOIS info is illegal. This article will examine online services that you can use to check the WHOIS history records.


This is a web that provides a number of premium online implements that can help in carrying research on a domain. It can help greatly in learning the WHOIS past records for a domain. However, to access this service, one must register through a professional subscription that is paid for on monthly basis.

Domain name

Using this tool is quite easy, one is only required to key in the domain name and then click the “look up”| button. Those who are not members can have very limited access to the details. For instance they the can be availed with information about significant changes and the percentage of ownership data. In contrast, professional members get access to each and every detail about the domain name possession.


This a Russian domain name that equally offers a WHOIS history service contained in their web tool section. Unfortunately, this service cannot avail to you the overall information with regards to the domain history unless you purchase it. Nevertheless, it is not expensive. For example, a single domain inquiry WHOIS history cost 165 RUB and that is approximately $2.80.

Suppose you are willing to make the buying decision, then you only need to create an account and submit payment. Thereafter you can log in and click the “All located” at the top right. You then choose “My WHOIS History”. The advantage of using this service is that it provides much more details compared to the DomainTools.

This is a simple web that provides information to a domain relating to both the current and past WHOIS details. To use the service, you only enter the domain name and then click the search button. The past WHOIS data will be displayed on the results page.

The program offers a professional membership at a cost $29.99 on monthly basis. A free 30-day access to the service is a benefit is extended to new clients. Nonetheless, there was no clear information regarding how the 30-day bonus work.


This is a web that provides WHOIS info free of charge. In fact, all the other online services offered on this web is free also. For one to acquire the services, he or she has the key in the domain name within the website and then click the Whois button. Thereafter, the WHOIS History tab can be clicked to access the past WHOIS data.


HosterStats is another tool that can be used to obtain material information about a domain. It provides domain information for more than five million hosting providers depending on their name servers. All the information dating back from the year 2000 is availed free of charge.

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