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How to Make a Website Mobile Friendly

The world of networks designing is forever changing. Every year, web design in Calgary is faced with a new change in ideas and technologies forcing the developers to learn something different and new.

In the past, sites were designed with the home computer in mind. These PC browsers friendly sites were often static and did not need to change very often. Today, there is a growing population using the Smartphones to browse the internet, and thus the sites need to be mobile friendly and highly responsive. Here are tips for every web design in Calgary to help in getting their sites up to par.

Utilize Standard Fonts
When it comes to web design in Calgary, one of the essential things to remember is to use standard fonts. It might be fun to play around with varying fonts on your website, but this may not look good on a mobile browser. Always utilize standard font sizes and shapes.

Also, it can be difficult to download customized fonts because of their large sizes. This can result in a low speed of the website and viewers trying to access the site using smart devices may be turned away.

The Width Matters
Another thing that web design in Calgary needs to focus on is making sure that they set proper width to make their sites more mobile friendly. You can do this by opening the site in your desktop browser. Next, resize the window so that it is at its narrowest but still keeping the site readable. You can then record the selected size of the window as a preferred viewpoint in the meta tag at your page’s head.

Also, remember to set the width of the images to 100% because some images will be too wide for mobile browsers. An image width of 100% allows the browser to adjust them to a size that is viewable naturally.

Always use Word-Wrap for Long Strings
It is important for web design in Calgary always to remember to use word-wrap whenever displaying long strings of letters or figures. Failure to do so may result in your strings getting extended off the edge of the screen. This happens because the width of your website is too narrow to handle long lines. But by using word-wrap, the text will simply go to the next line. This makes your website to look professional while still allowing mobile users to download it easily.

It is not a hard task to make your site mobile friendly. By utilizing a few simple tricks, your site becomes responsive and easy to load. Being mobile friendly gives you the advantage of those sites that have refused to keep up with the changing times.

With the growing population of people using smart device to browse, it becomes important for web design in Calgary to ensure that they create sites that are highly responsive.

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