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What’s the Nitty Gritty of Online Reputation Management? How healthy is your online presence, and what do your fans, customers, and stakeholders think about your company or profile? Once you took the important step of establishing an online presence, it become impossible to avoid public scrutiny, and that’s why you have be sure that no damaging information about your brand exists or continues to spread like wildfire. Courtesy of online reputation management, your brand can continue making a positive impression with the people and parties that are important to your business, and in particular, your customers and partners. Here are some important aspects of online reputation management: Negative Impression
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The well-being of your business can be severely impacted by a negative reputation. When a search for your company is completed online, a negative reputation means that you’re going to see one or more negative results being associated with you, potentially hurting your business.
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These days, it is not just criminals and bad people that can have an unenviable reputation online. Thanks to increasing social networking and anonymous sharing online, it is shockingly easy for brands to get tarnished online. You can use online reputation management in several scenarios, such as when there’s been a negative status update by an irritated former employee, a false claim delivered in a tweet, or bad feedback for your products by a spiteful client or competitor. Irrelevant Info All irrelevant information about your company that may exist online should be analyzed, and if need be, removed. Such information may not hurt or help your brand, but usually it is not good news. For instance, outdated information that does not inspire a good customer response should be evaluated. When a search for your product results in an item you recalled 5 years ago due to some consumer, that’s irrelevant and outdated information that you may not want potential customers reading today. As such, online reputation management can also see to it that any irrelevant or outdated information about your products is suppressed or removed. A Mistaken Identify Scenario In mistaken identity, someone else or multiple entities with your name show predominantly in results for online searches targeted at your brand. Online results for these entities are creating the first impression of you, which could either damage or help your brand. The best case outcome for mistaken identity is that prospective clients will not find out anything meaningful about you because they’re reading about someone else, not you. At worst, you could have your brand being associated with someone with a bad reputation. Thanks to online reputation management, you can help protect the integrity and good name of your brand.

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