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Meet the Best Plastic Surgeons

Most celebrities are powerful in their own fields. In as much as their success is based on their hard work and talent, also their branding through plastic surgery plays a great role towards such success. There are many plastic surgeons that have helped these celebrities reach their heights. Here are some of America’s finest celebrity plastic surgeons who’ve made it big in their profession through their plastic surgery logos.

Dr. Terry Dubrow

Dr. Dubrow is a well know American plastic surgeon. He’s especially known from E! TV’s ‘Botched’ series. Apart from his fame from starring in a television show, Dr. Terry is also a successful innovator. He is also a writer and has published many medical journals and is the co-author of The Acne Cure.

He usually capitalizes on name recognition in addition to his strong marketing strategy. He uses appealing colors and images to relay his message. His emblem for plastic surgery is based upon his initials that are burrowed in a beautiful woman’s body. With his outstanding clinical experience and the desire to aesthetic beauty through the whole body has made his practice become one of the most sort for.

Dr. Paul Nassif

He is well-known for his role in the Botched series where he co-stars with Dr. Dubrow. He also features in the Bravo Real Housewives series. However, Dr. Nassif doesn’t perceive himself as a reality TV star but as a medical practitioner and a beauty artist. The way he brands himself and the plastic surgery logo is a representation of his commitment to medicine and the art of beauty. Dr. Paul Nassif sells a different unique vision of plastic surgery.

Dr. Raj Kanodia

A very successful celebrity surgeon who uses the celebrities he has worked with to market himself. Some of his best clients are Kim Kardashian West and Britney Spears. He fills his site with photos of clients before that surgery and after the surgery to show how perfect his work is. Seeing his homepage you will be satisfied with lots of shows whereby he’s speaking in conventions, fulfilling his patients and speaking to the press.

His plastic surgery logo is comprised of the greatest artwork such as that of Mona Lisa. Being one of the best plastic surgeons, his services are widely sought by the Hollywood elite and that’s why he describes himself as the Hollywood Doctor.

Dr. Sherrell Aston

He’s a practicing plastic surgeon in New York City as well as well as a Plastic Surgery Professor at New York University. He has a unique branding approach. He identifies himself first as a scientist. Dr. Aston focuses more on the methods achieved to attain a certain beauty result rather than the result itself. His plastic surgery marketing tactic is just one of the best and it emphasizes on professionalism rather than beauty itself.

Dr. Olivier de Frahan

Unlike the other physicians that are based in USA, Dr. Frahan works in Paris and London. His plastic surgery logo is made from an easy and elegant image which is set in a clean backdrop. He’s more of a person who favors his privacy. His logo and website resonates an awareness of conventional glamor and stylishness.

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