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The Benefits Of Using Custom Flash Drives Opt for custom USBs to give a twist on your hot promotional product. Instead of printing your logo on stock flash drives, it’s feasible to just create a completely custom design. It is not really surprising why many businesses are taking advantage of it as this procedure has lots of benefits for marketing and branding. USB flash drives are the small data storage device that’s useful for moving files from different computers. They can be plugged into any computer, laptops and some smart phones and tablets as well. With its capability of holding enormous amount of data, these promotional flash drives come with memory capacities from 2GB up to 64GB. In most instances, these said devices weigh less than an ounce and measures 2 to 3 inches in length. USB drives easily fit in the pocket or purse. It is less likely that USBs will be lost as they can be hanged from necklace, lanyard, keychain or badge pull. Promotional USBs may be configured with useful features similar to data encryption and may be preloaded with songs, applications, videos and documents. It is even feasible to program them from the time that users have plugged it into a computer, they’re taken to your company’s site.
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These promotional flash drives are available in standard sizes and shapes however, don’t underestimate their capability as it can make a huge impact by going custom. Truth is, there are lots of benefits for going with custom flash drives such as the fact that it creates a great first impression, highly memorable, one of a kind and not like anything that people have seen before and so on.
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The branding impact of custom flash drive is truly exceptional. Believe it or not, you may print logo on cookie cutter drive or you can give someone a drive that’s your logo. Aside from that, you can also design the custom USB for it to look like your mascot, any products you’re selling or any iconic image that’s associated with your brand. Promotional USB drives are affordable and useful and at the same time, high perceived value and these are all the things that custom flash drives have. It can generate immense amount of impression as this can be used time and time again and because of that, the user will be reminded constantly of your company as well as the thoughtful gift you’ve given them. Custom USBs can fill in lots of promotional roles easily. They can make wonderful gifts for your valued clients and incentives for your employees. When it is used as tradeshow giveaways, they can easily generate buzz and even drive traffic to your booth.

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