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Basic Tips For Fuel Tank Cleaning It may not be your best idea to clean a tank but if you like to avoid unnecessary expenses, then you might want to set aside hate and begin on the task of cleaning your tank to be able to avoid damage and save your car in the long run. The first thing that you should do is to empty the tank to help you get started with fuel tank cleaning. It is a must to drain the gasoline to properly clean the tank. As a matter of fact, there are various kinds of cleaner that can be used in this process. The more important point to be remembered is, ensuring that rust and debris is gone from the tank to clean it thoroughly. When cleaning the tank, here are some ways that you could use to clean it. Number 1. Muriatic acid – to clean the fuel tank, you can use hydrochloric acid or simply known as muriatic acid. As an alternative to muriatic, you can also use phosphoric acid. Acid effectively removes rust from the tank but ensure to observe safety when you’re cleaning using this element as it can cause serious harm to the skin. You may as well want to cover your skin using shirts with long sleeves and pants. Wear boots and other protective gears similar to eye protector, gloves and even mask to prevent acidic fumes.
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You have to mix the acid with water when you’re cleaning the tank and when you put the mixture inside the tank, just keep it there for few hours and clean it thoroughly using water after draining the acid.
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Number 2. Vinegar – it do sounds funny but some of our kitchen ingredients can work wonders to our cars. Vinegar is another kind of acid that’s also known as acetic and it removes rust from the tank effectively. What you want to do is fill up the tank with vinegar and just leave it there overnight. In the next day, drain the mixture and then rinse it with water. Rinse the tank very carefully to make sure that no acid is left and when you have drained everything, you may now rinse it back with gasoline or other premix to prevent rusting. Number 3. Acetone – add at least a couple of liters of acetone and pour half of it in the tank. When it is inside the tank, shake it very well to get rid of the rust build up inside the tank. Be sure that you check it every few minutes and redo the process with all the acetone left.

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