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Little Known Benefits Of Instagram Marketing With regards to the role of social media as marketing platform for a business, it is often only the big names that were able to get the attention such as Twitter and Facebook. Well, the reasons are pretty obvious as they’re the most popular and biggest names in social media scene with users running to millions. Needless to say, which entrepreneur who would not want to take advantage of this expansive following for their business? Then again, there are some social media platforms that are lesser known but can deliver the same amount of benefits to your business like what mentioned and one of it is Instagram. Through this, it is actually offering businesses with an easier way to grow but also, to reach its target audience. Here in this article, we are going to discuss why your business must leverage Instagram as part of its marketing tool. More active users than what you think – Instagram has managed to generate more than a hundred fifty million unique active users whether you believe it or not. The number might seem smaller than the prior but what you must take into mind is the time period in which it managed to accumulate such growth. Instagram has debuted back in 2010 only so this figure is something to be commended.
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Business-like feeling – Instagram is creating a more business like feeling when compared to Twitter and Facebook that has a tendency to be more personal. This only means serious business as 70 percent of the world’s biggest names and leading brands play. And according to a survey, it concluded that Instagram users are more likely to share, like and comment on brand postings in comparison to other social media sites there is.
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Visual appeal – the ability of sharing experiences and stories visually via visual content is another factor that keeps users interested in this social site. The fact that visual content is easier to share, read and understand instead sifting through pages of content, is what making consumers prefer it. On Instagram, users can post high quality videos and photos that are authentic to your business. You may then use this visual content when telling stories of your business and building a personality for it as well. You may make use of it to put emphasis on what happens behind the scenes, which then add transparency to your business. Flexibility in editing – you’re not just given the chance to upload original videos and photos of your but the chance of editing them to make it more relevant to your business through Instagram marketing.

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