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Top Buzzwords In Digital Marketing

Content is very important if you talk about marketing as a part of a business’ marketing strategy, the content must be highly regarded.

Wikipedia defines buzzword as a word or phrase that becomes popular for a certain period of time. So how is it connected when we talk about the content? Well in online marketing, we know that we must be creative with our content to entice and encourage our customer and enables the sales. This is also possible if you are able to establish the buzzword. This will make and help people remember your business.

In simple words, buzzwords are the words that appear on the marketing posts all over the internet.

If you want to learn about the words that mostly overused all over the internet today, then you must read on.

The first word we have for you is the word ‘Viral.’ Viral? How could this word be a good thing in the marketing. Have people gone crazy nowadays. If we talk about the word ‘viral outside the world of the internet, the the word would not a really sound good since it will only mean that viruses can be spreading now.

If you must know, the meaning if the word viral in the word of the internet is very in contrary to the meaning found on your dictionaries. Viral would mean something that is widely spreading, although not virus, but images, videos, articles and other contents on social media.

The second buzzword used in the internet to day is ‘deep dive’. No water, not even a drop of it when we talk about deep dive in the internet. It just means that you are about to go to further details on a particular topic.

Thirdly, we have the word ‘Millennial’. Millennials are basically the so called generation Y. And marketers use this a lot just because ‘Millennials’ compose a large part of a the market.

Netflix and Chill. You must have heard of this so much. It has been going all over the internet for too long. This buzzword basically means that there is a love-making happening when you are over watching Netfix.

How do you like information presented in visual arts? It could be more effective right. This is what we call the infographic. This is widely used by marketers todays.

We have the Thought leaders. No school offer a course to practice leadership. But it does not mean that we cannot have one. What are thought leader?These are people who are influential in certain matter. It can be great buzzword was it not overused in marketing posts.

The word Big data, a buzzword which derived from a data science is used by digital marketers in making decisions.

SoLoMo is social media, local media and mobile app in one word. The one who made up this buzzword must be a genius, he must create more of this compressing of many words in one word.

Therefore with all these buzzwords, some can be really cringe-worthy. However it can be sad that we know that some will trend for a while, and may have its way to the dictionary. Sighs.

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