How to get pinterest followers

92% of consumers trust word of mouth advertising according to Nielson Advertising Solutions. I personally believe that word of mouth about a product whether negative or positive will definitely travel. When I find a good product I want to tell everyone I know about it, by that same token if I have a problem with a product I will let that be known equally. I have discovered great products and ideas at Pinterest.

Pinterest Widgets

For those of you that have blogs, you can get the Pinterest Board Widgets and show your Pinterest boards on your blog. This is just another step for exposure of your favorite things at Pinterest. I have the Pinterest Widget on my blog and I really do like it. You can easily get your own Pinterest button which just makes it easy to pin something immediately while you are on the internet. I like having the option to just pin something that I might see of interest instantaneously with just the click of a button.

Pinterest Not Just For Women

Pinterest is not just for women. The men are getting into the action too, especially with the Technology aspect. I have created my Pinterest Man Cave Board. This board is for the man in your life. Let’s face it men love women, but they need time and space at times to themselves. For some it might be their garage, their basement, shed, or a room in the house. After looking at the Man Cave on my Pinterest Board you will see men have evolved and some of these Man Cave ideas are phenomenal.

You determine what Pinterest can do for you. I usually can go to Pinterest for new ideas or for questions I may have regarding a product or concern. I still will do Google searches, but Pinterest helps oh so much with searching for things. This is especially good for those that are visual learners. Pinterest is a plus.

Rearranging Boards

I like that you can rearrange your boards to your liking. You may have some boards that you want to get more exposure and decide to put them to the top of your page. Other boards you may not. Or you may want to experiment and see which will get the best response form others.

I do believe Pinterest will be around for some time. It is not going away soon. So for those that have not tried Pinterest, just take a look and browse, you may see something you like. I am sure that you will.

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