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JaJah, a new service launched by Twitter will allow users to make internet phone calls. Having no software to install on your computer is the best part of this new service. That’s right. JaJah requires no software to install. Everything you need is right on the webpage, making JaJah a cut above the rest.
Getting Started
From personally experience, the getting started part was a bit challenging. I stepped through their process and called my cell phone. However, the system would not pick up my test call and eventually displayed a message saying “Test call limited reached, please contact support.” There is nothing more frustrating than system errors when trying out a new product. Of course, the company does not have a live chat option for solving problems. It’s amazing how a cutting edge website that offers an exciting way to communicate still relies on your standard “enter your information and we will email you back”.

Anyhow, the service is not much different than what you would get from Skype. There are some features on Skype that are still not available on JaJah. For instance, JaJah does not have a full service chat. If you want to send text over the web, you might as well Tweet. My Twitter account does not have to fear JaJah. Tweeting is still in full swing and is by no means going away anytime soon. If I wanted to make a phone call, I would use my cell phone.

Facebook Voice Chat
How does JaJah compare to the upcoming Facebook Voice Chat? Well first and foremost, Facebook Voice Chat already has an advantage in the fact contacts are already on the site and available. JaJah requires you to make yet another list of contacts. Now, if the JaJah service was embedded in Twitter, Facebook and other social networking outlets that would be a different story. Another great idea would be sending broadcast voice messages to all of your friends like a Tweet, but with your voice. That would be fun. I would find that service more useful than the run-of-the-mill internet phone service.

Overall, the JaJah service is just another way to make free long distance phone calls. The service does nothing to enhance social networking or provide any great benefits to its users. If you want to make long distance phone calls, stick with Skype. After all, the software is already on your computer, no need to uninstall to use JaJah. It’s more effort that it’s worth.

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