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For some people, the radio could be considered “to be going the way of cable TV channels”. On the one hand, some radio stations seem to be more oriented to one style of music. On some level, this is good; if a listener wants to listen to classic rock, he would know exactly which station to go to. With corporations owning radio stations, there would also be an excellent likelihood that a listener could also find a classic rock station in any city.

However, for someone from an opposite school of thought, the bad news could be that if the listener is the type of person who likes variety in music, then this variety is arguably harder to find. A lot of criticisms has come from listeners that a lot of music on radio stations sounds very much the same. In fact, they keep playing the same songs, and that becomes monotonous. Some radio stations try hard to play a more significant role in society in society by catering to the tastes of the people. These stations try to make their music more discerning for the listeners.

Examining the merits of talk radio, on the one hand it plays an important part in democratic nation building. But from another perspective, some people may view it as an outlet for extremist views which may be dangerous to democracy. Nowadays, talk radio has become quite popular; it shows that here is the right to free speech. In my opinion the radio does help to shape our society and if the opinions expressed by people at the talk radio actually have some weight behind them then radio is an excellent platform for people to share their own personal viewpoints with others.

To conclude, the radio allows for weighty subjects such as under age sex, television watersheds, bad language and other controversial subjects to be discussed on the public platform. These would be open for debate and if the host conducts a fair debate via the radio, then social responsibility will be achieved. Everyone is free to have his own opinion, as this is what makes society progress. However, at the same time, they must also admit that freedom is about not going pass out of the comfortable boundaries that have been built for long. Therefore, in the final analysis, the radio does play a big role in shaping contemporary society, with an intelligent control upon it.

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