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How to Take Advantage of Influencer Marketing Marketing has a concept called influencer marketing, and it is not a new way in the field. Influencer marketing is a method in which you get the right people to endorse your products or services, and by so doing, your consumer portfolio will expand thereby increasing your sales possibility. This method is based on the old and tested theory that marketing by word of mouth is always the most effective way in letting your potential customers hear and know about your products and services. In the past marketers used a megaphone, radio or television and others to announce their companies, products and services . Today, marketing has another way of promoting its products and services, aside from the traditional word of mouth concept, and this is by using online influencers. These online influencers come in the various social platforms and social media that will help build interest and relationship with the online potential customers by knowing your products or services. Through the influencer marketing method, your business is given an opportunity to tap into your targeted market. What you have to do then is to know how to maximize the returns of the investment of this influencer marketing.
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In order for you to maximize the investment you placed in your influencer marketing, there are some activities that a marketing consultant would recommend.
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The first way is by looking for influencers that are within your scope of market and outside of your scope of market. For example, if you are involved in the manufacturing of furniture, it is good to check out interior design blogs, fashion blogs, DIY blogs and construction blogs, to see if they could have stated a need of furniture for their projects. You would want to build up your consumer market first with your new introduction of product or service, and bringing in big names for example in the movie world or sports world and others will do part of the work. Next strategy is to give rewards to your influencers who are the strong players in your social media by giving them the first shot at your new product or exclusivity of a new introduction. By giving them the first demos of your product or service, you can get their inputs or feedbacks about the new product or service, and you can roll it out into your national or world market. Know that people like to feel they have an impact and thus make them feel special. By doing so, your influencers will automatically re-tweet your product or service, or re-post about his or her experience to a bigger social media affair. By making your business relationship a personal one, you will be maximizing your influencer. Generally, these influencers have passion and knowledge about their industry and if you can get them in their terms, they will be mentioning about your product or service.

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