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A Guide to Integrating Web-Based Applications With a Website Management System No matter what industry you run a small business in, you’re sure to rely heavily on your website to make sales, generate leads, and promote the products or services you offer. There are good things and bad things about this. Allowing your website to serve as the face of your company, in a way, can let you generate income even when your business’s doors are technically closed, like at night or very early in the morning. The part that’s difficult, however, is ensuring that your webpage is maintained in such a way that potential clients have a great impression of your company. One way to make sure you don’t have to spend tons of time managing your page is to purchase a website management system that has all of the features you need. As you read through this guide in particular, you will discover the importance of having integrations between your favorite web-based applications and your new backend program; this way, you won’t have to learn all new software in order to successfully maintain your site. Hopefully you will know exactly how to go about picking the ideal website management system for you when you reach the final section of this article. Think About Which Web Applications You Can’t Function Without
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There are a huge array of web-based applications that small business owners can utilize to help them run their websites in the most efficient manner. Before you start looking for a new backend system, you should consider which applications you aren’t willing to give-up. This way, you’ll know which integrations are the most important for you. Maybe, for instance, you are incredibly fond of a certain spreadsheet program and the idea of learning a new way to track this information is not at all appealing.
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Call Software Developers’ Customer Relations Lines As you go through the process of looking-up website management suites you like, you will, at some point, create a shortlist of options you most prefer. Certain programs may not have every integration you need, however, no matter how much you like them overall. If this happens to you, your first step should be calling the various software development firms that produce your preferred backend systems; their customer service numbers should be listed on their webpages. Particular developers don’t mind creating custom integrations for their clients. Others keep track of how many people request specific web applications be integrated and ultimately add them to their programs. If, however, you want your integrations to be available immediately, it might be best for you to find a freelance developer who can do your project for you. He or she might even be willing to do updates to your integrations for you in the future.

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